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Gaming monitors are one of the most underrated components when it comes to gaming. You may have a great mouse and a monster processor, but if you do not have a gaming monitor, it somehow hampers the gaming experience for most users. Having a decent gaming monitor gives you an edge over other players as a gaming monitor will offer you higher frame rates which is the reason for the increase in responsiveness; hence it makes it simpler for you to see things faster and react faster while playing the game. It offers increased resolution to make things look extra crisp and clear for you.

So, It is mandatory for a professional gamer to have a good gaming monitor to ensure that it does not become the reason holding them back in any scenario.

If you are somebody who is not sure which gaming monitor to look for or if you are not that much into tech, then don’t worry. Here, we have listed some of the best gaming monitors for you. So that you don’t have to struggle and google every gaming monitor. Here are the top 5 gaming monitors to look for:


With a 27-inch IPS full HD display, this gaming monitor offered by Asus has a lot to unveil. This gaming monitor is based on the latest gaming design, which means it is adaptable to different kinds of games to offer the utmost performance. The ultra-slim profile ensures that you get a seamless look and great performance. The response time comes out to be 1ms. Also, it supports ASUS gaming plus features. FreeSync technologies refresh the frame rates as smoothly as possible so that you don’t lag in any gaming situation.

2.Samsung Odyssey G7 LC27G75TQSWXXL

Curved-designed monitors are craving for every hardcore gamer, with a great angle for viewing and delivering the premium experience of playing with a different angle than usual, revealing the whole game scene at once.

Regardless of the detailing that you are looking for, this monitor won’t let you fail in any aspect related to display. The Samsung brand is the most trusted brand for the OLED screen, so if you can extend your budget to a higher end, we recommend purchasing this monitor as this is one of the most value-for-money products.

Save 5,799


A 23.8-inch Full HD and LED Backlit display makes the ASUS VA24EHE the perfect gaming monitor in this price segment. It gives tough competition to most of the Samsung monitors that come with an OLED display as this monitor comes with a 178-degree angle view panel to make things look more comfortable to you while playing. The refresh rate is a whooping 75HZ to ensure you don’t have to face any framerate drops and lags.


This BENQ Monitor is a 16:9 LCD display that offers a completely new gaming setup and comes with a Twisted nematic panel design. It also provides a frameless design and a resolution of 1920×1080.
The most interesting part about the BENQ ZOWIE RL2755 is that it has major features specifically for gamers. BENQ has taken care of all professional gamers’ needs and provides gamers by elevating their gaming experience with the all-new BENQ ZOWIE RL2755 monitor.


This beast monitor from Samsung comes in a massive size of 49 inches. This is unlike any other classic gaming monitor as it differentiates itself from others in size and the vivid exclusive experience.
Also, this gaming monitor’s main highlight is its 27-inch two-screen panels. This will ensure that even the slow framerates or low resolution won’t bother you again in any scenario. The colour contrast won’t be an issue because it creates 125% more vivid colours in terms of quality.

Save 16,750

Final words on these Gaming Monitors —

Whether you are a professional gamer or not, having a good gaming monitor is a must, as graphics and visuals are an integral part of gaming. After all it takes you to a whole new level of gaming.
If you are looking for affordable gaming monitors, consider the above-listed monitors or browse our Gaming Monitor section to check out the other available options.

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