The Top 5 Software A Gamer Must Have

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Gaming isn’t any more limited to being just a mere fun activity. It’s a lot more than that in today’s time! Gaming, which was just considered a usual hobby until a few years back, is now grown into a full-fledged profession that is still evolving day by day. To enhance the gaming experience to a higher level, we have come up with a list of software & services that every gamer should possess in his/her PC.

If you are someone who has just got into heavy gaming then you can’t miss reading this article at any cost as such services only make your gaming experience smoother and better. Right from graphics boosters to communication portals, there are various must needed software for gamers in today’s time. Generally, most of these services come for free, but some may come for a price. The ones asking you to invest your money are also worth the shot. That being said, let’s roll up the article!

1. Discord —

Discord Software

There was a time when gamers used to connect through various platforms right from social media to forums. Everything was good but still, there was a lot of disorganization between the gamers due to so many communication portals and this was bound to happen. But, later on, when Discord entered the market, it totally changed up the scene. The gamers now had a free voice chat program, reliable and user-friendly platform for communicating with each other.

When various platforms were requiring subscriptions, technical knowledge, unnecessary registrations, etc., it was Discord that came up for free in the market and was easy to use for almost any user. You can use the service directly through browsers or get their standalone desktop app. There’s no necessity to register for the platform, and you can start using it even with a free guest account. Discord gives freedom to users to host their channels for free of cost. If you don’t want to host any channel, then you can also join other channels related to your interests, including movies, gaming, etc.

2. OBS Studio —

Obs Studio Software

OBS Studio is relatively popular software among gamers who have their gaming channels. If you are someone who wants to open up his/her gaming channel or just want to record the gameplays for whatsoever reason, then you must download and try the screen recording software, OBS Studio. The software is relatively easy to use, and after a little experimentation, you would be ready to use it and not forget that the output is just amazing.

It can easily record your screen, audio output, and even audio input. This way, you can not only record the game sounds but even external commentary, with a headset or microphone. Well, OBS Studio is widely famous as a game recording app, but it’s capable of recording other sorts of stuff too, like tutorials. At first glance, the software may look a bit minimalistic and simpler, but don’t mistake or underestimate its appearance for its functioning. It may look plain and simple in appearance, but its functioning ranges right from streaming to capturing clips.

3. Steam —

Steam Software

If you have been active in the gaming community for a while, then you would have surely heard of Steam software somewhere or the other. Steam is a very vast digital gaming library program, but it isn’t limited to mere cloud libraries and online gaming only. It acts as a social platform through which you can connect with your fellow gamers. You can chat, share achievements of even play together. A lot of our friends use Steam regularly as well.

There’s a unique feature, In-home streaming, that made the platform one of our favorites. In-home streaming lets you stream from your main PC to any other device on the home network, which can even be your laptop. When Steam was initially launched, it lacked a lot of essential features, but still because it was one of a kind, it became quite popular among the gamers in a short while only. As of writing this article, Steam has evolved a lot and includes various useful features like improved Steam chat, recommendations queue, etc.

4. Twitch —

Twitch Software

Whenever we say “Twitch“, people generally start thinking of live streaming. But, it’s important to realize that the Twitch software (desktop app) has a lot of features even for gamers who aren’t interested in watching streamers. Twitch is a centralized and common platform for gamers to manage mods of different games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, etc. Not to forget that through integration with CurseForge, there’s the game add-ons and overlay management available.

The Twitch desktop app is totally free to download. In the starting, you may find a little difficulty in using the software, but once you are familiar with the interface, then there’s no turning back; such addictive are its features. Some of the most popular ones include video chat, community hosting, friend lists, and it just goes on and on. The developers are seriously working hard every day to bring out new and exciting features in the apps that you shouldn’t be missing at any cost.

5. Razer Cortex —

Razer Game Booster Software Enhances Your Gaming Performance

Last but not the least in our list is a bit of technical software that’s very much needed to get the most out of your gaming, Razer Cortex. Gamers keep upgrading hardware for the best gaming experience, but not everyone can afford to do that because of budgetary constraints. Due to this reason, many gamers never get the chance to try out their hands-on latest components. In such cases, game boosting software comes to the rescue.

Razer Cortex is one such software that performs boosting in a variety of ways. The game booster feature frees up the RAM and system resources so that more space can be allocated to your game/s. On the other side, the system booster is capable of defragmenting the system to help in optimizing various processes and programs. Whenever you launch a game, these features would start functioning automatically. Once you close down the game, the PC settings would be back to normal.

Are these software enough for the best gaming experience?

The above-listed apps or software are one of the best tools that you would need to enhance your gaming experience. But, if you don’t have the right PC, then even these tools won’t be able to function well, forget about running the games smoothly.

After a lot of reviews and analysis, we have come across a pre-built gaming PC that would run all these software and games fluidly. The gadget which we are talking about is ZOTAC MEK1. It’s an ultra-slim desktop, which is built specifically for gaming purposes only. ZOTAC MEK1 maybe a bit costly at a price point of ₹1,99,375 ; but it’s a one time pain and investment whose benefits you can reap for a long time to come.

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Final Words On These Software —

These were some of the most needed and essential programs that every gamer must possess in its PC for the ultimate gaming experience. It’s also important to understand that all these software just acts as an external support which can better your gaming experience to some extent. But, remember that these can never be a substitute for proper hardware manufactured by the top companies out there. That being said, if you liked the article, then share it with your friends and do let us know the gaming software which you are looking forward to using the most.

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