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The talk of ACT Fibernet launching ACT Gaming Booster Pack is the hot and very much hyped news these days in the world of gaming. Since the JioFiber has launched commercially, it has given fierce competition to other internet service providers. This significant launch of JioFiber did make the other providers look for ways to keep their current customers and also put in efforts to allure the new ones too. In the wake of this situation, ACT has launched Gaming Booster Pack, which has some fantastic features. 

Currently, ACT is providing its services in 18 cities, including metro cities like Bengaluru,  Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. With low latency and high-speed ACT Fibernet has so far maintained a good name in providing the best gaming experience.

ACT Gaming Booster Pack— All That It Has To Offer—

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ACT Gaming Booster Pack has two variants. The first one is the Basic Pack which is valid for one month and is priced at ₹500+ GST. The second is the Ultra Pack which costs ₹2000 + GST and come with the validity of six months.

ACT promises to give your gaming the power of 300Mbps with the data up to 1800GB data. Its partner discounts are worth up to ₹7000, and with all this, the gamer can also enjoy the World of Warships in-game benefits.

The name ‘Gaming Booster’ is very much justified because the pack has two gaming boosts, namely Data Boost and Speed Boost. Users will get a boost of 300Mbps for three hours after activation in the Basic one month plan, which can be activated five times in a month. In addition to this boosted speed, the users will also get extra data of 200GB for a month.

In the Ultra Pack, which is for six months, the users will get high-speed data of 300Mbps 10 times a month for five hours per activation. The extra data added to their FUP in the six months plan is 1800GB.


ACT Gaming Booster Pack is partnered with World of Warships, Western Digital, Zotac Gaming, and Games The Shop. All the subscribers of any of these packs will get special benefits from the partners. With ACT’s exclusive partnership with World Of Warships, the subscriber will get in-game rewards that are worth ₹2000 per month, that includes camo skins, patches, flags, etc. With Western Digital and Zotac Gaming, there are coupons worth ₹1000 each, and with Games, The Shop is providing coupons worth ₹350.

The subscribers of the Basic Pack the benefits are of ₹1000 per month in World of Warships. The gamers will get the in-game benefits of 30,00,0000 credits, 10 flags set of 8 spl, 25 flags set of 5 eco, 250 doubloons, 50 camouflages, a tier 3 prem ship and three tech tree ships and finally they will also get a free premium account.

The subscribers of the Ultra Pack will also be getting a free premium account, but the in-game benefits are better than the Basic Pack. Instead of 50, here they will get 100 camouflages, 45,00,000 credits, 24 flags of 8 spl, 1o flags of 8 spl, tier 5 prem ship, a tier 3 prem ship, 3 tech tree ships and 750 doubloons.

For Western Digital the subscribers will get vouchers of up to ₹1000 for SSDs. The second last benefit that the subscribers will be getting is the discount of ₹350 on Games The Shop for pre-ordering PS4 and Xbox games.

Finally, let’s talk about the final benefit of Zotac Gaming and how it is related to PCshop

One last thing, before we move on to this, we would like you to spare some time to read our blog on Zotac GeForce RTX 2080 Super AMP and Zotac grahics card with highest FPS.

ACT Gaming Booster Pack with PCshop—

The partnership of ACT Gaming Booster Pack with Zotac Gaming gives discount coupon of ₹1000 on Zotac GTX and ₹1500 on RTX GPUs.

You can avail the Zotac Gaming Discount Coupon at as Zotac is partnered with PCshop. Check out all the Zotac products that is available on PCshop.

Below are the terms, conditions and instructions on how to redeem the discount coupon  for Zotac GPUs on PCshop.

Here are the Terms and Conditions for Bonus Code Redemption—

  • The coupon for A-Game Basic offers a flat rate discount of Rs. 1000 and will be valid for 2 months (From 1st October 2019 to 31st November 2019) and redeemed at
  • The coupon for A-Game Ultra offers a flat rate discount of Rs. 1500 and will be valid until 3 months (From 1st October 2019 to 31st December 2019) and redeemed at
  • This Coupons is not transfer, non- refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Coupons can be redeemed only one time; it cannot be used partially
  • No extension of the expiry date from the date of issue will be allowed
  • Coupons cannot be clubbed and used for a single transaction
  • Coupons are specific valid for Zotac GTX category of products. Multiple Coupons can’t be redeemed against one product
  • Not Applicable for offline Purchase.

Instructions for Redeeming the Coupon Code—

  • For A-Game Basic offers, click on
  • For A-Game Ultra, click on
  • Choose your products for which you want to generate coupons by entering the product name
  • Click on buy now option go to checkout page add code on apply coupon option mention below the product.
  • After add coupon below you will see discounted price review and click on checkout for payment.

Do avail this offer if you are looking forward to buying a new GPU and boost up your gaming with ACT Gaming Booster Pack.

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