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The advantages of a graphics card are not only limited to substantially enhancing a PC’s performance. The graphics card needs to be an improvement over the PC’s performance and should provide an overall performance boom. A more distinguished portrait can drastically improve a PC’s gaming potential. The card additionally can strengthen the computing experience by medians of making the video play at a higher quality and also freeing up memory.

Mostly all PCs have a card, it is either assembled into the motherboard or preinstalled, but it is advisable and feasible to install a brand new card. Graphics Cards are not everything about gaming as they are also employed for a number of diverse purposes as well. The other usages include using them for high-end graphics softwares, applications and are also used in scientific laboratories.

The kind of cards that are employed for professional work is a little varied in features and are called workstation graphics cards. Graphics card does require some investment initially, but it is completely worth it all because of the various advantages that it offers. Listed down in this post are multiple advantages of a graphics card for your PC.

Top Advantages of a Graphics Card—

Increase in Overall System Performance

Amongst all the advantages of a graphics card, the topmost, without a doubt is that it leads to an overall improvement in the performance of your PC. It gets the load off from the CPU. The dedicated card does everything related to graphics processing or graphics-related tasks. While you may not require to install a graphics card for the computer to be capable of doing what you need it to, but nevertheless, installing a graphics card is sure to make your experience more fluid.

It becomes even more critical with newer operating systems like the next version of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. It usually integrates the latest graphical characteristics to improve the user experience, which the built-in graphics card may not be capable of displaying fluidly. 


Free up RAM

The second one in the list of advantages of graphics card is its privileges for RAM. If the computer’s built-in graphics card shares the computer’s memory, in such a case installing a graphics card will free up that space for the PC to use in other tasks.  A graphics card comes with its memory for performing all the graphics associated tasks and processing. 

Installing a graphics card can support and improve PC’s performance even if the latest graphics card is identical to the computer’s built-in card. In addition to this, the memory built-in to a graphics card is typically faster than the memory which the computer uses. This aspect can also contribute to the overall performance boost.


Boost in Graphics Performance

The third in all the advantages of graphics card is not just related to the improved gaming experience. You can also watch Blu-ray movies, Full HD movies (1080p)  in enormously better quality with a good dedicated graphics card. A graphics card that has been dedicated comes with added features and extends much more reliable performance in graphics softwares and applications. It can manage your graphics-based softwares smoothly and with ease, such as photo editing softwares (Photoshop), video editing softwares (Adobe Illustrator, etc.), with more prominent efficiency and producing more high-grade performance.

A good graphics card can ease out video editor’s work and can get the work done quicker. An installed graphics card uses its memory and resources, further improving video playback quality, which is primarily essential with high-definition video and also with multiple videos at the same time. Additionally, a graphics card is designed in such a manner to process and compress videos and promote a computer ‘fuse’ (process a new video) faster.


Takes Gaming to the Next Level

Without a doubt, PC gamers are the first to take advantages of a graphics card. The graphics card is the most significant hardware for gaming. A decent graphics card in the mid-rang can let you play the latest games on mid to high settings with playable frame rates and without any lag. If you are someone who is addicted to playing every game on your PC, then it won’t be possible to play your best game without a dedicated graphics card. 

PC games come with specific requirements, and if your computer’s graphics card doesn’t fulfill these requirements, then your games can be significantly hindered. Even if you are a newbie who is getting close to passionate gaming, then a graphics card is a must-have component. Even for those who are into casual gaming, then also having a budget graphics card can intensify your gaming experience to a much more elevated level. This is simply because an onboard graphics solution can never be equal to the performance of a real graphics card, even if it is an entry-level one.


Driver Gets a Better Support

This advantages of a graphics card becomes important solely because GPU manufacturers release the latest drivers from time to time. They do so for their graphics card to keep them updated with the latest operating systems and games.

Dedicated graphics cards have more reliable driver support and compatibility as contrasted to your integrated onboard graphics. This comes in very beneficial when you move to a modified or newer operating system or want to run some particular graphics applications or software on your computer.


Shares CPU’s Load

The advantages of a graphics card is not only limited to supporting the RAM, but it also eases out CPU’s load. An onboard graphics solution is usually dependent on CPU for all the graphical calculations and processing. This keeps a part of the CPU always occupied in providing graphics-related support, which can further reduce the overall performance of a CPU and thus the whole system. A Graphics Card does not depend on the CPU and has its own GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for performing all the graphics related operations and processing.


PC gamers can enjoy all these advantages of a graphics card, along with video editors, photographers for editing photos, architects for architectural rendering etc. PCshop is a one-stop solution for all the PC related hardware and peripherals. In graphics card, it has both AMD chipset and Nvidia chipset. For those who are looking to upgrade their graphics card and are indecisive about the cooling solution to install, read this Blog Post to get your dilemmas explained.

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