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When it comes to motherboard, there are several choices that you can consider while you are looking for the best motherboard for gaming. Before you go on searching for options, the most essential thing to be acknowledged is whether you have an Intel or AMD processor on your gaming rig. 

With the launch of AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU platform, and along with that, the launch of a new line of AM4 motherboards, now going for the right choice, has become even more difficult. It is an excellent option for those with Intel’s latest processors and is looking to build a compelling rig for hardcore gaming. 

In this particular blog post, you will get to explore the various options of the best Intel gaming motherboards. If you have an AMD chipset, then need not to worry, we have covered that as well in another blog post.

Best Motherboards for Gaming on Intel—


The Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming signifies the entry-level into the high-end ROG range. Even though it belongs to the high-end legacy, it’s preferably well-suited to enthusiastic gamers and average overclockers likewise. While a lot of its high-end siblings support liquid nitrogen and also have record-breaking functionality in place of being affordable. This motherboard combines just sufficient of that ROG approach without encroaching into the extreme.

The Z390 doesn’t offer all that much in the way of primary functionality over its predecessor: Z370. However, AI overclocking and several iterative updates to the tried and tested formula make the Z390 a valuable improvement. So long as you don’t ascertain yourself spending a premium for the Z390 board over its Z370 equivalent, there is nothing to lose with the Asus Strix Z390-E Gaming.


It is almost a close-run competition between this all-powerful MSI Z390 and the quality STRIX board above. The Asus solely really takes the win because it does not require any user input to get your CPU running at its best. It runs exceptionally well by merely setting the XMP switch in the BIOS. The MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC is nevertheless more than competent in matching the gaming performance and CPU of at least the Asus board with only a scarce tweaking of the clock speeds. And it effortlessly hits the same 5.2GHz overclock with the i7 8700K.

This ‘AC’ version also has a discrete 802.11ac WiFi card, augmented PCIe slots, and a twin M.2 sockets. One of the M.2 thermal shielding to help keep your NVMe drive cool. It also has more easily available USB connections on the back of the board and more RGB loving, and it is often a bit more reasonably priced too. 


The lower-priced Asus TUF board gives Coffee Lake performance for a lot less amount than either of the- Asus STRIX or MSI boards. The feature set is a slightly lighter– the protection is only on a single PCIe slot, and the PCB seems a bit more fragile than the others. Nonetheless, it still has the overclocking performance as well as Asus’ all-core augmentation feature, which means it conveniently ignores the Intel Turbo constraints.

All this makes it a rapid little board, which you can easily pair with any K-series CPU. This also implies that you only have to ensure that your RAM is running at its XMP settings, and it will be enough to get the gaming performance without you having to do any further tweaking.

Asus Tuf Z390-Pro Gaming


It’s been a long time that the Intel H370 motherboards were coming and, it is very much noticeable that, for the most part, don’t really offer any notable savings over the budget end of the Z370 range. As they are more latest boards, so they are often more pricey. The B360, however, represented here by MSI’s premium B360M Mortar, does represent a genuine-value alternative to the Z370 option. That, too, without sacrificing much in the process of performance.

You will abstain from any overclocking potential of the K-series Intel processors. The substantial Core i5 8400 and its non-K ilk nevertheless offers sober gaming performance at stock speeds. The B360M Mortar is also a finely proportioned Micro ATX board too, which allows you to drop it into a more smooth framework than the broader ATX board standard.



The name of this motherboard is not an exaggeration; it stands true to its name ‘Godlike.’ MSI has not only brought over several of its Z370 features to their latest Z390 GODLIKE but also have added some aesthetic specifications such as an LCD and even a spectacular infinity mirror. Godlike supports 9th and 8th Gen Intel Core processors for LGA 1151 socket, it also supports DDR4 Memory, which can go up to 4600(OC) MHz.

The fantastic Mystic Light Infinity which has 16.8 million colors and 29 effects and can effortlessly be controlled just in one click.  Godlike compels you to gear up for a lightning-fast game experience with 1x Turbo U.2, 3x Turbo M.2 along with Shield Frozr, Dual Front USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C. Xtreme Audio DAC promises to give isolated audio with ESS DAC and a 2x audio processor. Killer xTend combines a built-in switch with a wireless extender. The Killer fueled LAN & WIFI extender provides an ultimate traffic prioritization.

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