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Gamers do need PC Gaming Peripherals no matter they are a newbie or a pro. Each peripheral that you own impacts your game. When you are ardently building up your gaming rig, most of you only focus on three aspects. These three aspects are the graphics card, motherboard and the processor.

Other equipment like a gaming keyboard, mouse, headphones, monitor are often ignored. Peripherals like a gaming chair, coolers or a large mouse pad are not even put into consideration. PC gaming peripherals are not just the brand label, but these equipment are exclusively made keeping in mind a gamer’s convenience. 

Let’s see the importance of each PC gaming peripheral and how it impacts your gaming performance.

PC Gaming Peripherals (Must-Haves)—

Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard can make you win your favourite MMORPG. The stark difference between a standard membrane keyboard and a gaming keyboard is the keys. This PC gaming peripheral has well-spaced, broad, easy to reach mechanical keys make it suitable for long time use and are much faster, offering much ease at play.

Some gaming keyboards have custom pads for better control. Multi-coloured backlights is the coolest feature which makes your game fun. To play that immersive game in a dark room, the backlights come handy. Overall, an ergonomic PC gaming keyboard is a comfort that you must own as a PC gamer.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Mouse

It is often noticed in the gaming industry that the first PC gaming peripheral any gaming sports enthusiast prefers to buy is a gaming mouse. Few reasons as to why are that the buttons can be customised, are durable and has more sensitivity options. It is not like the regular mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel.

Most gaming mouse comes with more than the primary buttons, can be found on the top, or sides or at the grip of the mouse. The software that comes with these mouse does all the job, and all the customisation can be done through it. Some come with customizable RGB lighting as well.

The sensitivity of a gaming mouse comes handy for playing any kind of PC game. Manufacturers do thorough research studying the human hand and examining palm, claw and fingertip grip. 

Pc Gaming Peripheral

Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor provides a lot of features that are crucial for playing the best game. The fact is, this PC gaming peripheral is even important for an average gamer. Refresh rate, panel type, resolution- all this and more help a gamer to enjoy a realistic image and take all those fast-paced actions. 

Starting from aspect like vibrance, clour balance, black levels, contrasts etc should be necessary for any gamer. A gaming monitor is what brings your game to life, as it gives the visual for the actions taking place. Above all, the response time and image quality matter the most. 

If you are on a strict budget and still wish to invest in gaming monitor then read this Blog Post that gives you options for a budget under ₹20k.

Pc Gaming Peripherals

Gaming Headphones

Speakers are fine but, in no way they help in improving your game. While playing the game, there are many interfering noises, having a gaming headphone helps in filtering and directly giving you the sound that matters, thus helping you to focus on your game.

The detailed surround sound quality takes your gaming experience to another level and makes it highly immersive. With this PC gaming peripheral, you will even be able to listen to your enemy’s footsteps. Team communication is another critical factor in a game; headphones with mics do this job for you efficiently.

Pc Gaming Peripherals

PC Gaming Peripherals (Should-Haves)—

Gaming Chair

Pc Gaming Peripheral

Long hours of sitting have specific health risks. In the past few years, the gaming industry has evolved and invented chairs that help gamers to sit for long durations. This PC gaming peripheral is made to give you the ultimate comfort. Armrest, headrest, backrest have high-quality padding and cushioning. 

They are sturdy, which is strictly designed to improve your posture by supporting your backbone. Gaming chairs also help you get the right eye level. Good concentration level is crucial to play an immersive game. Poor health and good concentration do not go along. 

To achieve your dream of playing the perfect game and enjoy the long hours of play- a gaming chair is a must. With the right PC gaming chair, you will be motivated and always look forward to playing your next game without having to worry about your spine. 

Gaming Mouse Pad

Pc Gaming Peripheral

Forget about the gaming mouse pad, the question that is often asked is that is a mouse pad even necessary? We say it is essential and if you are a gamer, then it sure improves your game. This neglected PC gaming peripheral becomes useful when you have to take those significant, sweeping actions in fast-paced gaming scenes. 

Gaming mousepads are oversized, and good ones are designed, keeping in mind the refresh cycle of the mouse’s sensor. There are XXL gaming mouse pads which come underneath your keyboard as well making your desk aesthetically appealing. 

Computer Cases


The long hours of playing can make the PC go hot; computer cases help the PC stay cool. It is a crucial PC gaming peripheral because it is where all your essential components are placed, and the case defends them from any external damage. 

It comes in four usual sizes, and choosing the right one depends on the future expansion that is in your mind. Depending on the level of gaming, casual to avid, the industry has one for every need. 

Ramp-up your PC Gaming!

If you have decided and are serious enough to build your first ever gaming rig or if you are a pro who wants to improvise your already existing rig— PCshop has got your back and has it all. Each one of the above mentioned peripheral is worth investing for, it is sure to improve your gaming experience. Read our blog on Best PC Games to Play in India

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