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In this age of pro gamers and Spotify premium users, headphones have become a vital gadget to own. This list of best budget headphones consists of carefully selected few pieces, that is under 10,oooINR. Apart from discussing the features, what makes this list unique is the highly discounted price for each one them.

For pro gamers, good gaming headphones can impact their game, and for music lovers, headphone is the way they can avoid disturbances and fully immerse in  their favorite music. A headset is a gadget which is capable of taking your gaming and music experience to the next level.

If you are very keen on playing your best game and also listening to your favourite band without disturbing others, you must check out this list. The list for best budget headphones goes with low to high pricing.

Here is the List of Best Budget Headphones on High Discount and With Free Shipping—

Circle Battle Pro

Starting with the first and the cheapest in the list of best budget headphones. This one has made to the list because of its brand and quality. The stand out feature is the 40mm neodymium driver unit for all the more exciting bass impact with the typical frequency response of 20-20000Hz.  Its headband comes with a head-cushion allowing proper ventilation.

The brand claims its over-ear cups to be skin-friendly, comfortable and can isolate noise with 102dB ± 3dB. The structure of the headset is flexible yet highly resistant to stretch. The cord length is 1.8m with 3.5mm jack, and it also has the volume control feature.

First one is the best cheap headphone in the whole list for just 790INR.

Ant Esports H900

PC Gaming enthusiasts alert! As a brand Ant Esports promises to provide a complete and flawless gaming experience. This is a pro gaming headphone is the best budget headphone with 50mm neodymium driver which is sure to give a premium surround sound quality. The headset is lightweight and is suitable for long gaming sessions. Its cord length is 2.1m, and jack is USB+3.5mm with 105+/-3dB sensitivity.

The microphone comes with the sensitivity of -38+/-3dB and is omnidirectional that offers noise cancellation. This headphone comes with a really cool feature of fascinating red LED light, which is on both sides and gets on when you plug in the USB jack. is the only platform where you can buy ANT ESPORTS H900 at lowest price in India. Guess? For nothing more than 1600INR! This is the best budget headphone possible in this price range.

Gamdias HEBE E1

The third one again is a gaming headphone. It comes with a 40mm HD driver and sensitivity of 116±3dB. The cord length is 2m with USB & 3.5mm mic/audio plug. Like the previous one, this too comes with an omnidirectional microphone and has a sensitivity of -58db±3db.

The stunning feature is its multi-colour lighting and vibration effects, which is a bonus to the whole gaming experience. This one comes with a smart remote controller which can control volume, microphone, vibration and lighting. All these cool features in this best budget headphone comes with a fairly cool price of 3499INR.

Best Budget Headphone Gamdias Hebe H1

Razer Electra V2

Razer Electra V2 is eligible to be the best budget headphone because is is not only a gaming headphone, but also apt for music enthusiasts. Its promises a balanced and virtual surround sound quality that can also be calibrated to customised listening preferences through Razer Synapse. Drivers are 40 mm with Neodymium magnets and 105 ± 3dB sensitivity.

Its flexible and detachable mic can be adjusted the way you want and has a sensitivity of -41 ± 3 dB and is unidirectional. Cable length is 1.3m. You can get this one for 5999INR.

Razer Pewdiepie Kraken Pro V2 Neon Red

This last one cuts to the list of best budget headphones because of its high demand. Interestingly, the demand here is not only for technology but also more for the design. Since its launch, people are raving for this PewDiePie’s style. PewDiePie is a YouTuber (I’ll leave this for your research).

It has 50mm neodymium magnets divers with 118 dB sensitivity. Microphones are unidirectional ECM boom with Sensitivity of -38 ± 3 dB. Cord length is 1.3m and has a 3.5mm audio jack. This one is the highest-priced in the list at 9499INR. has headphones starting from 470INR. They also provide core gaming headphones. The list contains all the premium quality and the best budget headphones possible. What makes this platform unique is the highly discounted rates of the products. Read the blog on best gaming keyboad under 5k. Not just this, they deal in all the gaming peripherals.

Get all the peripherals with free shipping and no hidden cost at all. Let’s take the example of the second headset in the list, its MRP is 4,999INR, and at PCshop you will have to pay 1600INR and nothing more. It surely is the best budget headphone with an all-inclusive price. 

PCshop offers more.

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