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With the increase in workload on computers these days, PC cooling has become an essential mechanism of the system. If we put this in the most straightforward terms, the movement of electronic impulses makes the computer work. This procedure makes the computer chip warm, which further causes those impulses to process more slowly. The slow processing can result in the electronic impulses not arriving at the right time when they are supposed to.

This delay in the whole procedure of processing causes the computer to take more than the expected time in computing. This increase in heat can also sometimes cause the computer to crash eventually. With the new and massive graphics card and RAM, proper PC cooling has become even more crucial for keeping the whole system stable and working at its best speed.

The best way to deal with the excess heat is to use fans or heat sinks on the essential component in the rig, that must remain cool—which is the CPU. Although it has been a trend with most retail CPUs, such as Intel and AMD, that they come with their heat sinks and fans.

Most of the time these in-built PC cooling systems render ineffective depending on the environment and also the usage.

It is also important to consider that if you have plans to assemble your system using an OEM processor, then there are high chances that the CPU does not have its heat sink system and fan. If this is the case, then this list will take you through a few PC cooling options that you can consider to keep your rig ever cool.

PC Cooling Systems and Ways—

Run PC With Case Closed

One widespread urban misconception about desktop computer cooling is that if you run your computer with the case open, it will help in keeping it cooler. On the one hand, it might seem logical on the surface— and it can be justified with the fact that if the case is open, the airflow would be more, which would help keep the computer cooler.

But if you dig deeper, you will figure out the biggest con here is dirt. If you leave the case open, it is very likely that dust and debris will clog the cooling fans faster. A closed case will let the dust clog the fans at a much slower rate. The thick layers of dust and debris cause the fans to slow down, and there are higher chances of them failing much quicker than usual.

When the cooling fan is clogged up, it does a terrible job when it comes to keeping your expensive computer components cool. Although you can not deny the fact that at first, when you run your computer with the case open, it might provide a small benefit at keeping your PC cool. For the long run, the increase of fan’s vulnerability to debris has a much more significant negative impact on temperature.

Pc Cooling


The most sensitive and expensive part of your computer is the CPU. It also is the only component in the PC with the maximum potential to overheat.

Even if you replace your CPU fan, there are high chances that the one that’s in your computer now is probably a fan that cools your processor moderatelty enough to keep it working properly. This might not assure that your CPU is running at its full speed.

The factory installed fan are never equipped enough to provide the right kind of cooling that your high-end CPU might be in need of. There are many companies that sell high quality and large CPU fans that are especially designed to keep the CPU’s temprature much lower that the inbuilt fan.

Pc Cooling

Case Fan

A case fan is a small fan that you attach either in the front or at the back of your PC case, and it lies inside of the PC case.

Case fans make airflow easy throughout and is considered to be the best way to ensure the best and optimum pc cooling. Good case fans guarantee that all expensive parts of your PC never gets too hot, and your PC keeps working at the best speed possible.

One of the great and recommended ways to keep the PC cool is to install two case fans, one would work to move the warm air out and the other one to move the cool air into the case.

One of the advantages of case fans is that they are easier to install as compared to CPU fans. This is by far the most hassle-free and the best PC cooling system.

Pc Cooling

Power Supply

Most of the time, the power supply of your computer comes with a large in-built fan. It is the airflow that you feel while you keep your hand behind the power supply unit.

The power supply fan helps in eliminating the hot air that your computer creates. This fan comes very handy if your PC does have the case fan. One of the reasons that your PC is heating quickly is because of the lack of a power supply fan.

One drawback that you have to deal with that you can not replace the power supply fan. If the fan has stopped working, then you have to replace the whole power supply unit.

Pc Cooling

Component Specific Fan

No one can deny the fact that the most prominent heat producer in a computer is the CPU, although the other parts do create heat as well. Those high-end graphics card and super-fast RAM are often the biggest culprits to add on to the heat.

If you find this to be the case for your overheated PC, then you should consider cooling them down with the component-specific fans. Once you figure out which part is running hot, you can install that particular fan for it. For example, if your RAM is getting hot, get a memory fan to cool it down. If you are a pro gamer, then it is likely that you need a fan that keeps your graphics card cool and gives you a smooth game play.

With advanced and faster hardware comes hotter parts ever. These needs fan solutions that are specialized and PC fan manufacturers are aware of this fact. That is why the PC cooling market has a solution for all your specific PC cooling needs.

Pc Cooling

Water Cooling Kit

This kind of PC cooling is strictly for those high-end computers. It is usually seen that even the most efficient fans fail to cope with the amount of heat buildup these high-end PCs make. In such cases, it is often recommended to install a water cooling kit, which is very helpful in coping with the heat.

These water kits are meant to reduce the temperature of the CPU drastically; water works as an excellent medium to transfer the heat. Many people have this misconception of not considering water safe inside the case, but there is nothing to be worried about. The water is safely stored inside the transfer system.

The cold liquid cycles down the CPU while absorbing the heat, and it further pumps down the hot liquid where the heat dissipates. The water inside these kinds of system might make it sound complicated to install, but they are effortless to install.

Pc Cooling

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