Are Aio Coolers The Future?

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Well, coolers, the term itself is so fashionable for anyone of us to understand. Coolers at its centre are any device meant to conduct and radiate the heat out of a system. It is a heat transfer device that transfers heat from a hot surface to a cooler one. Now just like we humans function at our optimum best when we have a calm and composed head, a computer processor operates the same way. However, do not forget to check out on all the fantastic and latest CPU cooling solutions available with us. 

A CPU cooler works to evacuate the waste heat produced by the processor while computing takes place. The same allows for the better operation of the central processing unit. It keeps all the core and thread thermals to their permissible operating temperature limit assisting for a slight boost in performance. Now, this waste heat produced by the CPU is also very less to be used elsewhere, unlike other cooling systems found in power plants and various such similar places. CPU coolers tend to radiate the heat generated to the atmosphere outside. 

Remember the time you bought your first computer or assembled it? No matter what brand your CPU was, it always came with a stock cooler. In that case, the cooler had a satisfying thermal conductivity heat sink combined with a fan on top. As the days’ progress, CPU cooling has become the latest thing to trend now. With overclockers and computer geeks building PCs with cooling being the most primary thing in concern, long gone are those days when stock CPU coolers were a thing. Hence, for a better understanding today in this blog, we are going to discuss the evolution of cooling systems and also find out whether all in one (AIO) coolers are the future of computer cooling?

The Evolution of CPU Cooling!

No wonder on the fact that the faster your processor is, the hotter it gets while operating efficiently. There isn’t even a surprise on the fact that a new league of cooling systems had to exist to solve the same purpose. It isn’t valid for computers running on your office or workstation computers, that have processors in them which are bound to run at controlled temperatures, at all conditions. But, here we are talking about the gamers, the producers, and every other one who would love to squeeze the juice out of their processors while performing a few fancy overclocks.

Cpu Overclock

As said earlier, generic CPU coolers comprised mainly of a heat sink allow assisted by a fan. They relied heavily on air radiating medium and often ended up being not efficient always. Slowly more advanced solutions started shaping up, and soon the clock speeds of your processor became everything. Water cooling the processor was the answer.

Initially, the plan only worked out for those home start-ups maintaining server machines for cloud computing. Later it became a commercial success. Every other PC gamer, video creator, today wants to water-cool their processors to only take the best out of their high-end processors. Now a lot you might think are we cooling our processors with the water we drink? Precisely, that’s what we are going to talk about in the next part.

How Does A Closed Loop AIO Liquid Cooler Work?

How Liquid Cooler Works

An all in one liquid cooler at its elemental works similarly to the way a car’s engine radiator works. It consists of a pump located on top of the processor circulating a unique kind of fluid, which usually is a combination of distilled water and a fluid that has excellent thermal conducting characteristics. To complete the loop, it comes with soft tubing that circulates the hot fluid conducted from the CPU through a copper plate attached to the base of the pump. 

The hot liquid then travels through the tubing to a radiator mounted on either on the top, rear, or front of your PC Case. The dissipation of heat takes place in the atmosphere via the help of fans attached to the radiator. Cooled liquid further travels back to your processor to complete the closed-loop cycle.

Are AIO Coolers the Future of CPU Cooling?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. With increasing numbers of gamers and video creators, every one of you wants to upgrade your PC game a notch higher. AIO Coolers, in that case, is what you should always opt for, as their performances are noticeable across all the gaming forums you read or large workstation computers maintaining servers for battle royale games like PUBG or Call of Duty Warzone.

Below mentioned will be a few advantages to use an AIO Cooler:

  • Compact water cooling system which is affordable
  • Maximum CPU performance for any heavy tasks
  • Almost noise-free and efficient than most of the stock and air CPU coolers
  • Mounting it on your CPU is as hassle-free as possible
  • Aesthetically pleasing looks with a wide range of RGB AIO coolers available

When it comes to what is more frequently available, then you need not worry a bit more as our store has got the best storage solution, stocked in an ample amount

Our Top Picks :—


Antec is the new name in CPU cooling solutions, and possibly the only brand to give Cooler Master a run for their money. The Neptune 240 is no different, with a futuristic-looking RGB CPU block, it is incomparable to anything else available right now. Also, it comes with an integrated heat pump attached to the radiator itself hence reducing the damage to the processor due to minute vibrations.


None of us can quite take Cooler Master lightly when it comes to premium cooling products for personal computers. The dual heat dissipation technology of Masterliquid ML240L is surely a bang for your bucks.


Cooler Master Ml360Rrgb

Are we missing out on the gaming genies? Well, the Masterliquid ML360R disapproves as three fans on the radiator is more than enough to keep their sessions running for hour’s infinity.

Final Words on AIO Coolers—

If you are still waiting for your friend to come over and ask you to upgrade to AIO Coolers, then probably you are wasting your time. As he/she might have already understood the seamless benefits one such cooler has in to offer and is already busy upgrading their rigs. So, what are you waiting for?

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