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Are you still Gaming from a couch? Nah.
A sitting desk or a standing desk? That’s old fashioned too.
No need to continue the discussion further because the FUTURE is here.

A Japanese company that creates furniture for gamers features a new gaming bed that puts everything you would like in one place. Pretty Incredible Right!
If you are spending most of your days as an online gamer, you might be amazed to know about this gaming furniture made specifically for gaming and gamers like you.

Take a glance at it for yourself, altogether its luxurious beauty. With a bed, side table, lowered gaming desk, bottle rack, headphone and controller hangars and off course the gaming blankets, all gathered in the best way possible; The Bauhutte gaming bed may be a dream come true for gamers, It can be described as the ultimate gamer’s paradise.

The Gaming Bed
People at the Bauhütte have actually developed the idea and come up with the latest version of the gaming bed. In fact, plenty of similar products exist on the market already but this one is

Previously Gaming chairs used to create a lot of buzz among gaming because a gaming unit is empty without a gaming chair, but now if you would like something original, consider this gaming bed, during which you’ll live out your fantasies as you either play games, eat, or sleep.

The bed originates from Japan’s Bauhutte, which spend significant time in gaming-centered furnishings. Rather than being one item, it’s really a regular bed with a few of the company’s things put around the outside, including its bed side-board and side table.

The gaming bed is fitted with all kinds of conveniences. On the side, you have your cupboard area to store your snacks, plus it also has cup holders, like the cup ramen holders, with wireframe sections specifically sized to hold instant ramen containers, And there is a desk at the bottom of your feet to keep the monitors and different gaming consoles, and since it is a bed you will most probably need an alarm clock so don’t worry about it they got it covered, there’s room for an alarm clock too. Now you don’t have to worry about your scheduled live stream.

Gaming Bed Side View

There is also room for your headphones. To make the gamer feel more comfortable while gaming or live streaming, the company offers a large cushion. The Bauhutte website also mentions that the setup also includes a Gaming Blanket because; I guess it’s an essential part of the bed. The price of a cozy bed blanket is $40 (~₹2,958). There is a storage available for your snacks too.

Snacks Storage Gaming Bed

The setup also has an adjustable arm on the top to fit your phone, so you can play something entertaining while you go to bed. Bauhutte also transforms into a gaming theatre where it allows players to project their game onto their living room wall. You’ll have to go to the website and buy all the different components separately to complete this setup. This will cost you a lot of money. On Bauhutte’s website, the full configurations are priced at ¥113,250 Yen, which is around ₹77,600.

Gaming Bed Side Arm

Bauhutte also provides a number of alternative options for people who don’t want to sit on a couch while playing games. You have to order almost everything individually with your own configurations, whether you want a gaming chair or a Gaming bed. The cost of the gaming bed varies from country to country.

Let’s be honest such kind of luxury isn’t affordable for everyone or every gamer. Bauhutte also offers a different setup for the more gamer, as the Standing Game desk, which is priced at ¥83,400 Yen (~₹57,150), chair sold separately or the Cycling Gaming desk, which is priced at ¥67,500 Yen (~₹46,250).

The gaming bed isn’t one single product; it’s a collection of Bauhütte items that the company has put together, so you have to buy every item individually. Purchasing every item from the list would not be cheap, but then if you want the gaming bed, you have to buy it.

Gaming Bed Full Set

The gaming bed isn’t the only thing that’s been sold around the globe; there are some who still use gaming chairs. The Thronos Air Gaming Chair, which is a colossal steel structure, is designed for gamers to feel extraordinary while gaming and provides three screens, live webcams, and a built-in massager. The gaming chair is worth $15,000 (~₹11,10,000) and is currently available to buy across North America and Europe.

Luxury Gaming Bed

If you really want to have a luxurious gaming experience, then the gaming bed is for you, and in case if you don’t want to buy a gaming bed, then it’s okay too you could simply buy a portable cupboard and a mini-fridge and keep it beside your bed. That works too.

For making the purchase or want to know more information regarding the gaming bed, you can visit the company’s website or contact us.

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