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The Steam Deck is an X86-64 device that includes integrated gaming inputs designed to support the full Steam library, including Windows PC games via a Linux-based Proton compatibility layer. This handheld gaming computer was released on February 25, 2022, by AMD and Valve. There have also been officially supported Windows drivers released. Users can modify the device’s software to run non-Steam programs and games as well.

In terms of software, the Steam Deck differs from other consoles in two main ways. First, the Steam game marketplace, built into the Steam Deck OS, means that a vast number of games are available for you to play. As a second feature, you can run other programs and launchers with the Steam Deck in desktop mode, such as Origin, once you’ve installed Windows.

Steam Deck

How to Modify Settings on Your Steam Deck?

On the Steam Deck, there are two ways to access your settings. To begin, go to the Wi-Fi symbol in the top bar and press the A button. The second method is to press the Steam button on the Deck’s left side, scroll down to Settings, then press A. By pressing the Quick Settings button on the right side of the deck, you may get to a simpler settings menu (the three dots). You can only control the volume, your microphone, and the screen brightness from this menu.

How to Get Your Steam Deck on Airplane Mode?

To put your Steam Deck in Airplane mode quickly and easily, use the Quick Settings button and scroll down to Airplane mode. When you turn this on, it will turn blue. You’ve now switched to Airplane mode.

How to Pair Steam Deck With Your Favorite Accessories?

A USB-C to HDMI converter is required to connect your Steam Deck to a TV or computer monitor. If you’re going to be doing a lengthy session, you’ll want one with pass-through so the Deck can charge at the same time. While connected to an external screen, your Steam Deck’s screen will be switched off. If your TV doesn’t identify the device after you plug it in, go to the inputs on your TV and choose the HDMI port it’s connected to. Your Steam Deck screen should appear on your TV without any issues within a few seconds.

If you want the Steam Deck’s audio to go through your TV or monitor instead of the Deck’s speakers, go to Settings > Audio > Output Device > External Device and change the output. 

In order to pair your Steam Deck with a controller, get into your Steam Settings, select Bluetooth from the list, and turn it on. On the controller, make sure it is on, and if it has a button to enable Bluetooth communication, push it.

How to Make Use of Shortcuts on Steam Deck?

Steam Deck users don’t realize it, but there are tons of shortcuts they can use that use the “Steam” button in conjunction with one of the other buttons. If you hold the Steam button while holding one of the other buttons, you’ll get different functionalities. 

There are times when you forget which shortcuts to use. So when you hold down the Steam button virtually at any time, a complete list of all the available shortcuts is displayed until you let go. 

For the many Steam Deck-supported titles that demand periodic typing, the virtual keyboard shortcut is quite useful. Simply press Steam + X to instantly summon a smartphone-style keyboard. You can also change the screen brightness in an instant — which can help save battery life — by holding the Steam button and tilting the left thumbstick up or down to raise or reduce brightness, accordingly.

Games can occasionally break, and Steam Deck will not always be able to fix them for you. It’s simple to reboot by simply pressing and holding the Power button, but you also have the option of using the Steam + B “Force Game Shutdown” command.

Using Steam Deck for Screenshots!

The Steam + R1 shortcut grabs whatever is on your screen and saves it to your device’s library. You can quickly transfer your screenshots to the cloud if you want to make them accessible on a PC (or any device with Steam installed). Pick the screenshot you wish to upload from the Steam Deck’s Media menu, then hit the Options button and select Upload.

Using Steam Deck Dock!

For the Steam Deck, Valve is also developing a first-party dock. Similar to how the Nintendo Switch may be played handheld or docked, this dock allows users to plug the device in and connect it to a TV or monitor. It gives you the freedom to pick how you want to play your games, so you don’t have to sit in front of your TV with a huge PC to relax and enjoy your Steam library.

Final Words on the Steam Deck —

The Steam Deck is a powerful gaming handheld, but it isn’t quite up to par with today’s gaming PCs. As a result, contemporary PC games may appear sluggish or require you to lower the graphics settings to maintain a consistent frame rate. Instead of choosing Install or Play on a game’s Steam Deck page, pick the arrow button next to that option and select your gaming PC instead. Once the game begins on your computer, it will stream to your Steam Deck as long as they are both logged into the same Steam account.

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