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Many PC gamers don’t bother to buy a dedicated gaming PSU. No matter how much time and money they have spent on their architectural system. Neglecting a good gaming PSU is like risking your investment. A Power Supply Unit has a significant role in supplying a steady and well-maintained rate of current to your gaming PC. 

This is even more important for that hardcore gamer who has invested a lot of money in a very advanced PC gaming rig. The powerful GPU in a gaming rig which gets quickly heated up in an intensive gaming session needs an efficient gaming PSU. These PSU’s provides stability during heavy load, monitors performance gives a reduced fan noise and goes easy on your electricity bill. Read our blog on best gaming graphics card (AMD Chipset) and Nvidia Chipset.

Best Gaming PSU For Optimal Gaming Experience—

Cooler Master MWE 650 WATT 80 Plus White

These series of power supply units are compact with a very reliable way to power your system. It safely and efficiently powers the system at a low cost. It has DC to DC plus LLC circuit design; this is crafted to convert 12V power to 3V and 5V levels with minimal noise. The HDB fan is temperature sensitive and serves the purpose well of core computing needs.

The 120mm fan is thermally sensitive, which means it spins according to the temperature of the system and continually adjusts itself to keep the PSU running smoothly with minimum noise. It has additional speciality features and software synchronisation. It has an efficiency rating of 80 plus. The lines or rails that are used +12V rail, ensuring that all the components in the system get the same amount of power to guarantee consistency between connections. It is priced at ₹4090.

Circle CG 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze

This gaming PSU has the efficiency of more than 85%, and it is ATX 12V & EPS12V 2.92 80 Plus BRONZE certified. Its clean and reliable power comes from APFC(99%PF). It is compliant with erp Lot 6 and supports multiple GPU technologies. The SLI ready power supply is capable of addling second video card and is capable of increasing the processing power of the graphics card.

This Power Supply Unit can easily handle systems with high configuration, and it supports Intel as well as AMD. The maximum compatibility with latest components is because of the dedicated single + 12V rail. The capacitors are highly reliable 1050C Japanese brand. Finally, the 14CM fan, which efficiently controls the temperature, reduces energy waste and boosts power. It is priced at ₹2500.

Antec VP 500 PC

Antec promises quality power supply at affordable prices. Though its an entry-level solution but it has everything that is required in power supply and can also be used by gamers. It gives 500W of continuous power, and it’s efficiency is likea ny 80 plus standard. With 82% efficiency, it is sure to reduce your electricity bill. 120mm fan is whisper quiet and durable, with the thermal manager, which is an advanced low voltage fan control that optimises heat noise well.

The capacitors are heavy-duty, ensuring high performance and a stric DC regulation and steadiness. Active power factor correction and ErP Lot 6 together is compatible with the most robust energy standard available. It also has Multi PCI – 2 PCI-E connectors enable and support the connection to multiple GPUs. What makes Antec unique is that it provides lifetime 24/7 support along with five years of warranty. It is priced at ₹2960.

The foremost reason that Antec is listed in this category is that PCshop is giving an offer— Buy Any Antec PSU and get Ant Esports MP200 mousepad free (Medium-sized, worth ₹440). 

Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W

Thermaltake takes pride in being the pioneer who integrated RGB lights into PSU. This is the coolest in this list of best gaming PSU. The Smart RGB series comes with built-in memory and patented, pre-installed 256 colours, and you can choose from 15 lighting modes. The fan’s colour can be switched among variants, and a LED off mode. The coolest part about the 120 mm fan is that it comes with an in-built memory which saves the applied colour and ensures the same colour selection every time the PC is booted.

This vividness of illumination does not stop here, as it also comes with 10 LED light bulbs which enhance the brightness. With 80 plus standard certification, it has the capacity of 500W to 700W. 12V power source ensures the consistency in power through the connected cables. It is priced at ₹5250. 

Cooler Master V1000

The highlight of this gaming PSU is its 80 plus gold certification, which gives it a whooping efficiency of 93% at 50% load. The cabels are fully modular and incorporates a single 1000W + 12V output that delivers up to 83A. The fan is 135mm FDB ensures lower noise and longer lifespan. To support the highend GPUs the connectors are eight PCI-E 6+2 pin.

The high performance and reliability is ensured by 100% high quality Japanese capacitors. The brand gives the reliable 5 years of warranty. It is priced the highest in the list at ₹11,200

At you’ll get more power  supply solutions apart from these, check the link below.


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