Best Gaming Mousepads In 2022

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Any good PC gaming setup must include a good gaming mouse. Although just having a gaming mouse won’t necessarily make a huge impact by making your gameplay extraordinary, it will ensure that you are never at a disadvantage in hardcore gaming. However, this alone cannot guarantee a good gaming experience; as a cherry on the cake, you should have a good gaming mousepad for a frictionless experience.

Now an obvious question may arise: is it really necessary to opt for a gaming mouse pad? Will it really make a difference to my gaming? The simple, straightforward answer to it would be yes; Greater friction from rougher surfaces can give the impression that you are moving more slowly. A gaming mouse pad will be more useful for you if you prefer to move your mouse swiftly because it may entirely remove friction.

If you are using any regular mousepad, then it might be the case that it can hamper your gaming expression to a lot extent. To ensure this doesn’t have a chance to ruin your gameplay victory, we have come up with a list of the top 5 gaming mouse pads that might fit your requirement.


It comes with 10 Lighting Modes for Chroma RGB lighting, that is the best part about this mousepad. Talking about the material of the mousepad, the ANT ESPORTS MP505 comes with a rubber base and with a non-slip surface that can firmly hold the tabletop for stable operation and gaming. Built with a surface made of a superfine fiber braid that offers less resistance and the best playing surface.

This USB-powered, lighted mousepad functions without a driver.

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The measurements of this mousepad are 37.4″ x 17.7″. It covers the area for a full-sized keyboard and mouse and has enough space for free movement, whether it will be office work or professional gaming. The material of this gaming pad surface is made up of a comfortable textile and comes with a non-slip grip that guarantees steady mouse handling and stability on your desk. This gaming mousepad is also optimized for monitoring low and high DPI movements.

FNATIC FOCUS 2 REKKLES DESKTOP mousepad is a lot more durable; it can even be washed, unlike other gaming mousepads, to maintain a neat appearance for your computer setup.

Ideal dimensions for both daily usage and gaming, with a 3mm thickness that fits all surfaces. Available for all mouse varieties.


This gaming mousepad is specifically designed for gamers who look for precise movements and improved control. The size of the Mat is 320 x 270 x 4 mm. The Cosmic Byte Dwarf’s edges are stitched and reinforced to prevent the deformation of the mousepads. Rough Surface will give gamers exceptional precision and control, maintaining stability and hand steadiness. The wrist rest is firmly secured by the non-skid/non-slip foundation, which offers stability. Also, it enhances tracking on glossy or glass surfaces.

While using this gaming mousepad, accurate mobility is ensured by silk-processed fabric. Based on natural foam rubber, anti-slip processing uses extremely fine, dense, strong, and environmentally friendly materials.


This gaming mousepad is slightly more popular than any other mousepad on the list, the sole purpose of it is the ultimate protection it offers. The ASUS TUF GAMING P1 comes with a surface that is water-resistant and also provides military-grade protective nano-coating. The dimensions of this gaming pad are decent, which comes out to be 260 x 360.

The gaming-grade cloth surface of this gaming mouse pad is accurate for mouse-tracking, which is a major plus point for this product. Durability, anti-fray stitching, and non-slip rubber base are some other key highlights of this mouse pad.


The extra-wide surface of the XPG Battleground XL Prime RGB gaming mousepad is composed of smooth, scratch and splash-proof CORDURA fabric and is intended for your excellent gameplay. The surface made of CORDURA cloth gives you the optimal steadiness and accuracy which is required for gaming. 

Additionally, it also boasts a very large surface area that provides the user with great flexibility of movement and the utmost versatility. Also, your wrists can rest comfortably on the cushioned surface.

Final words on these Gaming Mousepads —

Upgrading to a gaming mousepad has its own benefits; hence it might be a better option to consider if you don’t want your mousepad to let you down while gaming. Feel free to contact us to know more!

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