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After another long wait of anticipation and despair, Intel has finally rolled out the tenth generation of the Core processors. Computer geeks are quite satisfied with what the tenth generation has in the offer, and so are the questions about the best series of the motherboard (like the Z490) to host support to one such processor is rising in numbers. With that, the comet lake architecture of the tenth generation of the Intel core processor is slowly reaching the brim of excitement.

We need to discuss this new socket we get and also regarding the support to the mind-boggling flagship ten core Core i9-10th generation processors. Motherboard manufactures are also tweaking in some minor adjustments on Ethernet, and the Wi-Fi segments asper the processor unveils more prominent potentials to the connectivity portal. Some motherboard manufacturers are even adding in the option of a futuristic PCIe 4.0, which has enormous compatibility with the rocket lake architecture of the latest Intel CPUs.

As the blog progresses, we will break down this article into three primary parts including information about the new socket, the Intel Z490 chipset, a few of the incredible motherboards which will host support, and what all you can expect as a consumer from this new line of futureproof computer chips.

The LGA1200 Socket | Intel Z490 Chipset —

A socket at its primary is the place in your motherboard that holds the processor in place. While a chipset, on the other hand, is the infrastructure from motherboard manufacturers apart from Intel itself to make their boards compatible with the processor the silicon giants come out with, hence let us find out about the new socket for the tenth generation of the Intel Core processors.

The fundamental reason Intel had to change their socket from LGA115x to a top of the line LGA1200 is due to the increased power demands from an extremely demanding ten core chip. When it comes to the physical dimensions of the new socket 1200, then it is similar to that of the older LGA115x family. Therefore, for the ones considering that along with the latest processors, they also have to change their coolers can take a sigh of relief as there will be no such need for doing that. 

However, what users can expect is a brand new futuristic family of the chipset to add to the 400 series and a flagship Z490, which snatches away all the attention.

What Is The Difference? What to Expect? 

The key difference, according to Intel, lies in the networking part of the latest chipsets. Z490 chipset comes in integrated with an Intel Wi-Fi 6 CNVi allowing motherboard manufacturers to upgrade their existing AX200 wireless directly from the chipset with the use of a CRF module. The last generation of the Z390 had its limit till the 802.11ac band of Wi-Fi 5, which Intel has upgraded to a newer version with the new generation of their CPUs.

This new chipset supports a bandwidth of 2.5 gigabits over an ethernet connection through a single channel PCIe 3.0×1 lane. Besides that, the same will only be possible when users take advantage of an Intel l225 network controller. For the rest, controllers using the PCIe lane will suffice the purpose.

Our Top Picks —


The MSI MPG Z490 gaming carbon offers many premium gaming features at an attractive price point. That makes it a fabulous choice for your next gaming rig. The robust VRM design with fully digital power stages gets the most out of the latest generation of the Intel Core processors. The efficient cooling design ensures your system is rock stable even when on extreme workloads.

The MPG Z490 gaming carbon motherboard comes equipped with two turbo M.2 slots, with both the slots having an amplitude shield processor which prevents your SSDs from thermal over loadings. RGB adds a silver lining to the board and makes it the best available motherboard on the market right now to support the Intel 10th Generation of Core processors.


The Tomahawk from MSI will be the perfect choice for an affordable yet incredibly powerful gaming experience. The fully digital VRM design will once again allow you to run the latest generation of the core processors from Intel. At the same time, it will ensure that processor runs at its optimum efficiency providing maximum performance to your everyday workloads. The cooling arrangements with this motherboard is a notch higher from anything else available on the market right now as well. The board has fully optimized heat sinks, which provide maximum cooling at extreme workloads.

The Tomahawk also offers two M.2 drives, which comes along with shield frozr technology that ensures to squeeze the juice out of your SSDs while keeping them cool at the same time. The two PCIe slots make sure to run all the latest graphics cards available on the market right now, and an inbuilt IO shield makes the motherboard ready for anyone to custom build their dream gaming rig.

For us, we have only for now emphasized on the MSI motherboards as they are brand you can blindly trust on. As the 10th generation of the Core processor finally raises to more prominence, we will make sure to update our stocks with the latest and the best motherboards from the same Z490 series.

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