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Ant Esports is a Delhi based start-up founded back in 2016. The mission and vision behind the foundation of the company were simple, and that was to provide an entire gaming experience under one roof. Esports has become a significant thing these days, with more and more green fields turning into commercial projects, we have only seen the rise of several gamers lately. 

Now the main motive behind the foundation of Ant Esports was also to provide a satisfying experience to the gamers for their long gaming sessions. Gaming chairs, for example, were very challenging when it came down to the shipping and logistics part of our country. A lot of us spent tremendous sums of cash and burnt a hole in our pockets while ordering one such primary means of comfortable gaming experience. The company started manufacturing the best gaming chairs, Indian gamers could only dream of, and built their brand base with robust quality. 

Today, in this blog post, we are going to pay some attention to some of the top products this brand has in the offer, and also find the best online market place that hosts a wide range of their collections. It is undoubtedly going to be PCShop or where you are reading this right now to have some of the best products from Ant Esports. Therefore without any further ado, let us head out to find some attractive gaming accessories.

Our Top Picks :—

1) Ant Esports - Gamex Beta

Ant Esports – Gamex Beta

The Gamex Beta Gaming Chair gives several expensive gaming chairs a run for their money. It is the latest addition from Ant Esports to their Gamex series gaming chairs, and it is here to do all the wonders. Wrapped with a foam of high density assures that your long gaming sessions are as fun and as relaxing as possible. The base also comes with five-legged wheel support, unlike the conventional three or four-legged stands. The chair showcases perfection. The perfect balance for someone who does not purchase a gaming chair for its aesthetics but also keeps performance as a primary objective.

Quality and the design aspect of Ant has also been an upper hand for the brand to manufacture products that stands out from the rest. A perfect example would be the Gamex Beta again. Comfortable armrest and reclining features leave no margin of error for a gamer to complain.

PCShop is by far going to be the best place you can grab your hands to this beauty. With a flat 40% off on the Gamex Beta, steal your deal before it expires.

2) Ant Esports MK3000 Mechanical Keyboard

Ant Esports Mk 3000 Gaming Keyboard

A lot of us gamer requires a mechanical keyboard under our watch immediately. However, often due to budgetary restrictions, we are left with no option but to use the conventional keyboards we have. The Ant Esports MK3000 is what we have dreamed for long. It is a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard accessible for every gamer who wants to upgrade their gaming modes a notch higher.

The keyboard, along with satisfying key travel and fantastic response time, offers six colors to produce nine dynamic effects. Hence, even if it is not RGB, it gives the gamer the satisfaction of using one. Additionally, the keyboard has custom game modes that allows utilizing those options while playing any FPS or racing games.

PCShop again is going to be the best place from where you can purchase this. With fantastic customer satisfaction reports, it is a go-to place to buy anything you want for your computer.

3) Ant Esports ICE-400TG Gaming Case

Time to say goodbye to all the fancy cooler master cases, and say hi to the new Ice 400TG Gaming Case. It’s more of fire than ice with what it has to offer. Ant Esports has already created mayhem with whatever products they bring out. Considering the price of this mid-tower gaming cabinet, we are pretty sure that you won’t be searching for any other tower anymore.

The cabinet, like any other gaming cabinet, does support all in one cooler mounting. It also is equipped with RGB ring fans to upgrade your desk setup like never before.

4) Ant Esports H707 HD RGB LED Gaming Headset

Ant Esports H707 Hd Rgb Led Gaming Headset

A better budget gaming headset doesn’t exist. When we are starting our write up for this specific headphone like this, we indeed mean it. Ant Esports H707 HD RGB LED Gaming Headset comes loaded with industry-leading features like a large 50mm base driver, spring chord, and many more. It also supports a wide range of consoles apart from only plugging itself to a PC. The zero delay in-between game communication is something that this headphone truly rules out the others from the competition.

The cabinet, like any other gaming cabinet, does support all in one cooler mounting. It also is equipped with RGB ring fans to upgrade your desk setup like never before.

Why Choose PCshop?

All the above products you have come across, we suggest you buy them from us and below mentioned would be a few amazing benefits you get while purchasing any Ant Esports product from us 

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Now that you know what Ant Esports has to offer and have also come across the best site from where to buy, you know the drill. 

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