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We are amidst the early 21st Century, and we somehow realize that our lives would’ve been so dull if there weren’t computers around us. From simple day to day office works to complex computing solutions within the supreme IT hubs of our world, computers have been the brainchild behind technological development. It is super fun to sit in front of your personal computer, and do the things you always wanted to but is our country India ready for the bigger game?

Talking about the bigger game, we mean how our offline markets in India are ready for the regular updates happening within the world of computers. Today in this blog, we are going to shed an in-depth light on ten such computer centers in India that are game enough to sell computer accessories and spares whenever you reach out to them. Hence without any further ado, let us head out to find a few of the top places in our country offering computer components like a boss.

1. Nehru Place, Delhi

If you are from Delhi and reading this, then you know what a hidden gem Nehru Place is. The place is not only the electronics hub of our capital but is also referred to among the IT capital of our country. Top brands have direct dealerships here. So if you are planning for your next computer build, you cannot let this place go off your list.

How To Reach?

Nehru Place is easily accessible by every means of public transport available. However, Delhi Metro is by far the most preferred option available. Besides that, anyone can catch a bus or an auto to reach the IT capital of our country.

2. Ritchie Street, Chennai

Well acknowledged as the best and the second-largest electronic commercial market of our country, Ritchie Street in Chennai is here to hold that position for a long time now. The place has more than 2,500 shops, and the number is only rising as it seems. So be it your next computer or gaming console if you are from Chennai you know where to head out.

How To Reach?

The second-largest electronics market in our country is accessible from a lot of places as well. It lies in the locality of Ritchie Street, and a local train to Mount Road station will get you to the market in no time.

3. Lamington Road, Mumbai

Renowned as the IT Capital of Mumbai, Lamington Road is recognized as one of the top places in our country for computer goods. It is not only computer goods that you are going to get here, but be it any electronic components including spare parts for outdated transistors, capacitors, cables are all available here. It is mostly a busy street near Grant Road station, which is situated in South Mumbai.

How To Reach?

The easiest and quickest way to reach Lamington Road has to be through a local train to Mumbai Central Railway Station from there the IT hub is around 173 meters away. For the rest availing bus service, the Tardeo Bus Stand or the Rushi Mehta Chowk will be the nearest place to drop.

4. SP Road, Bangalore

Bangalore is well accredited as a place where all the start-ups take place. These start-ups require Times Square to get their computer peripherals from, and that is where SP Road kick into action. Famous for its electronic goods, SP Road has got everything to offer. From high-end gaming accessories to Dolby digital speakers, everything will be available in this market.

How To Reach?

The closest stations to reach SP Road in Bangalore are Manu Vana and Vijayanagara. Both of the stations give access to the market with a half a kilometer of walking distance.

5. Chenoy Trade Centre, Secunderabad/Hyderabad

Despite the online e-commerce websites creating a massive impact on local businesses, the CTC in Secunderabad still holds its dominance over the world of gigabytes, terabytes, and random access memories. Being the city’s only and the largest center for computers over three decades now, people from Hyderabad can travel here to get only the best of computers.

How To Reach?

Telangana’s very own cyber gateway can be easily reached with bus No.5 if you are planning to visit the market from Medipatnam and for the ones coming from Kukatpally can take bus No. 10 to reach the world of computers.

6. Chandni Chowk, Kolkata

If you are looking to fix your granny’s sewing machine or if you are interested in the latest 240 Hz refresh rate gaming monitor Chandni Chowk in Kolkata is the place you should be. One of the busiest markets from the city is quite the place where all things tech takes place. Roam around the busy streets of Chandni, and we promise your trip there won’t go in vain. Apart from computer peripherals, the market even offers some of the fanciest headphones, back covers and mobile skins for your smartphone.

How To Reach?

Kolkata Metro would be the easiest way through which you can reach the place. Land at Chandni Chowk to reveal and experience a day in one of the busiest computer centers from our country.

7. Penta Menaka Complex, Kochi

The posh neighborhood opposite to Marine Drive in Kochi is not only the city’s favorite place to hang out but also a place where people can also get the best of electronics. Several duty-free shops give you the privilege to buy a lot of imported computer peripherals, including a lot of expensive mobile phones at an affordable rate.

How To Reach?

The electronic warehouse of Kochi is easily reachable with a bus to the Menaka bus stop from where you can start your tour to purchase whatever you require in the world of computers.

8. Silver Mall, Indore

On our quest to find the top ten computer centers in India, we landed at the heart of our country, and that is undoubtedly Madhya Pradesh. So where does a high tech enthusiast visit, to buy his fancy requirements when it comes to PC Building? The two words answer will be Silver Mall in Indore. To add the silver lining to your query, we will also have PCShop’s Retail Store awaiting your presence there; LG-15, at Block-A, to be specific, is where you enter the world of futuristic computer products and a one-stop solution for everything you have been looking so far.

So be it you are bitcoin miner, YouTuber, or a gaming geek, you now know where to get hold of all the stuff for your requirements.

How To Reach?

Silver mall residing at the heart of the city won’t be a tedious job for anyone to reach there. Anyone can find various public transport to reach, or else there is always a cab waiting for you to take you there.

9. SP Verma Road, Patna

With an increasing number of IIT and IAS aspirants every year from Bihar, the state’s computer game is strong as well with SP Verma Road to take care of all your computer demands. The road has several shops to serve you with the latest laptops and computer peripherals only if you decide to purchase them from an offline market place. Computer Zone to be the best among them.

How To Reach?

SP Verma Road is easily accessible via a bus or personal cab.

10. G.S Road, Guwahati

The northeast gets its fair share in the world of computers, with G.S Road being the only viable option available. Datamation is the best shop to get hold of whatever you require at the best price possible.

How To Reach?

G.S Road dwells in located in the heart of the city, and any public commute will help you reach there.

Final Words On These Computer Centres —

To wrap up the places mentioned above are the top 10 computer centers from our country. Now that you know about all these places where you can find computer peripherals at ease, Although visiting them during the current COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is unadvisable. However, you can get all your computer and IT peripherals at the best price in one place without the need of stepping out of your house at just a touch of your finger.

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