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PC Gaming has become more of a trend these days. More than how you play your games, it has become about upgrading your system to a top tier setup (See Antec Products), which fascinates a million eyes. At the same time, enhancing your setup also opens the door to newer possibilities. Better frame rates on every game you play, HDR support, less frequent lags, and the list goes on. 

Now a lot of us face constrictions while we plan for an upgrade. Most of the time, the constrictions are budget biased. No one wants to spend a ton of cash on a new setup and burn a hole in their pockets while doing so. Honestly speaking a good desktop setup is expensive, and our commitment is to purchase something which matches our expectation and also gives us the perfect return on investment. 

This blog revolves around a simple concept of buying the best and buying it at the fairest price available. That is where exactly Antec steps in. They manufacture and market some of the highest performance PC components while keeping a reasonable price. Our blog also focusses on the best online market place where you get to purchase gaming components from Antec at the best price available. So let us not make you wait anymore and proceed to what this is all about.

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About Antec —

Antec, Inc has become one of the global leaders for quite a while now when it comes down to manufacturing and marketing superior quality high-performance PC Components. Since it’s started up back in 1986, the company pioneered itself and has been successful in maintaining its position as a leader amongst all its competitors. Quality control throughout their entire product line is something other brands should take lessons from. With branch offices in three different continents and headquartered in the birthplace of technology California itself, Antec assures you the best of themselves with every product they come up with.

Why PCShop Stands Out To Be The Best Online Market Place for Antec?

PCShop started as an online marketplace to shower the dreams of million Indian gamers their much-needed daylight. They began as an online venture who believe that technology existing today becomes obsolete tomorrow, and stocking in the best products is what they have achieved over time. International trends in gaming and various other PC components lies a significant influence on how they stock up with their line of products. Started in 2013, the online marketplace for the best of computers has only grown in numbers, be it with sales or customer satisfaction. Today they have become one of the leading and authorized dealers to global gaming brands. 

Coming back to Antec, most of the top products from the brand are readily available at PCShop. In the next part of this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the top products of Antec available with them right now and how they are helpful for your need.

Our Top Picks :—

1) Antec NX600 Gaming Case

Antec Nx600

Most of us these days believe that even if our components inside don’t fair up against the world outside, our PC cabinets must look amazing enough to hide that fact. The NX600 from Antec is a sleek looking mid-tower gaming case that seamlessly combines an aura of look with great functionality. Excellent cable management, ample storage for your disc drives, USB 3.0 are some of the basic features you get when you purchase this for yourself. Moreover, let’s not overlook the RGB LED fans to make this a complete gamer package. The case even hosts support for all in one liquid cooling radiator and has an LED control button at your command.

2) Antec Neptune 240 CPU Cooler

Antec is the new name in CPU cooling solutions, and possibly the only brand to give Cooler Master a run for their money. The Neptune 240 CPU Cooler is no different, with a futuristic-looking RGB CPU block, it is incomparable to anything else available right now. Also, it comes with an integrated heat pump attached to the radiator itself hence reducing the damage to the processor due to minute vibrations.

3) Antec Earthwatts 750W Gold Pro PSU

Antec Earthwatts 750W Gold Pro 2

High-performance PC Components require a reliable power supply unit to depend on, the Earthwatts 750W Gold Pro PSU, is the ultimate Gold you get from Antec. We are talking Japanese capacitors here and always and active power factor.

Thermal control systems on this one are brilliant! The fan comes with a zero RPM mode, which ensures that along with proper cooling, noise cancellation is an essential factor to consider as well. Thanks to the fluid dynamic bearing fan which completes the package, and provides you with the ultimate gaming experience every time you play. Also, let us not forget to focus on the modular cables that this PSU provides you. Use cable colors that match your build, and you are pretty much good to go.

Final Words on Antec Products —

Well, we hope we were able to share enough insight on Antec and the best place from where you could get your hands on their incredible product line. You can always rely on Antec products for your heavy gaming needs.

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