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Antec NX800 the best budget cabinet under 7000/- that you can get today and here’s why we agree.Lets start off with the main focus of the cabinet – Airflow.the case is accompanied with not one but 2 200MM ARGB fans at the front with a metal open style mesh that allow maximum airflow.Talking about the build quality the case is made out of high quality SPCC steel which makes it tough yet light. The mesh that is in the front is made out of metal and the quality of theplastic used here is also pretty great in terms of finishing.Nx800 Pdt01

The case also has feets that elevates the case making sure it has enough room for the psu to take in fresh air. Important thing is that the case has no screws which are directly attached to the tempered glass as we saw on other models giving the case one of a kind look to it as it makes it a seamless blend between the tempered glass and the case.

All you need to do is to unscrew the one screw on the top and another from the bottomand the glass slides out. On the top there are one USB 3.0 – two usb 2.0 one headphone and one microphone jack. Led cycle switch and power and restart button. Also we get and magnetic dust filter on the top.The case is pretty Spacious and you can install motherboard from ITX to all the way upto E-ATX And on the front you can install upto 360mm radiator and it also comes with an magnetic dust filter.

On the right side you can install upto 4 SSDs and great thing is that the case also features full PSU Shroud so you can tuck the cables in in order to get a better and cleaner look. Also one surprising thing is that the case also has one 120mm ARGB fan at the rear which is unusual as in most cases there is always an non rgb fan only.

There are 7 pcie covers on this case but as every case has its down sides this one alsolooked like it has a downside as the pcie covers aren’t like the one that slide out instead you
will need to break it in order to install a GPU. but here antec didn’t fail to surpsrise me – they also included a box that had 4 extra pcie
covers in order to compensate for the old style pcie covers.

On the back of the cabinet there are two SSD mounts in order to mount the ssds and the mounts are made out of metal. Taking a closer look there is enough space for you to route the cables without any issue at all.

As for the front io there are two usb 2.0 connectors, argb connector, and you get the vdg connector for the motherboard. And last but not the least is the usb 3.0 connector and the front panel connectors for power and all. The cabinet top is well designed for airflow and any 240mm aio will work like charm here. Taking a closer look as you can see the finishing of the cabinet is really great and smooth.

Antec put a lot of though to the minor details like the rail on which the tempered glass slides and locks in place. There are 3 3.5inch HDD drive bays which as you can see I’ve used to tuck in the front io cables but they are for example only you can tuck in psu cables later. Great thing is that there is metal attached to the side of the tempered glass so there is no need to worry about tightening the glass too tight that it might break. In terms of ARGB the case features hell a lot of argb modes to switch from or you can control on your own using your motherboard header.

The Fans are pretty bright to be fair and silent too even there isn’t any chance to control the fanspeed – at 100% the front case fans were only like 20-22dcb – I wasn’t expecting a case at the budget of 6500/- to be this good and we really loved the case will surely love to recommend.

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