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A gaming keyboard is an essential PC gaming peripheral. After you have spent a tremendous amount of time in selecting the right processor, graphics card and motherboard (which all are a must). We suggest that you should put some considerable amount of time selecting the right gaming keyboard as well.

Gaming Keyboard—Specifications

We won’t just suggest but give you all the proper reasoning for owning a gaming keyboard. As a gaming enthusiast, winning the game becomes essential, and a competent keyboard can help you win while keeping in mind your comfort.

These keyboards are generally mechanical or are engineered in a way to give more productivity and faster response time. It comes with the backlight that is either one-coloured or RGB; this helps if you prefer dark or dingy rooms for your play. Though getting the one with RGB lighting can cost you more than the one-coloured.

Multimedia keys and Marcos that are often customizable comes at a significant advantage.  Some keyboards come with wrist rest making your gaming life more enjoyable. A gaming keyboard provides an edge in the highly competitive gaming world.

This list for Best Gaming Keyboard goes from low to high pricing:

Circle Battle Pro LED

The keyboard has 7 colour backlit mode and breathing light. There are standard 104 keys, with additional 19 anti-ghost keys and 11 multimedia keys. It has windows independent lock. It comes with a USB port and cord length of 1.8m. It’s rated operating voltage is 5.5V/150mA. The material of the keyboard is made with high-quality ABS.

Informative Note— ABS is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, and Acrylonitrile is chemical and thermal stable plastic. Butadiene adds to its strength and Styrene adds to the glossy finish. ABS is a highly resistant material which is heavy-duty and can withstand any adverse environmental conditions. That is why this keyboard is said to have passed more than 30 stringent reliability test.

Overall the keyboard claims to give a sem-mechanical feel and is said to be good enough for professional gaming. The MRP of this keyboard is ₹1999, on Amazon, it is priced at ₹1349, but PCshop gives you this at a bare minimum price of ₹1150 (all cost inclusive).

Ant Esports MK Series

Under this series, there are three variations which are listed below:


MK700 has a 104 keys layout and is made with ABS and steel for durability. The hotkeys let you take quick actions like play, pause, increase and decrease the backlight. The keys are ideal for playing team-based gameplay like CS:GO and DOTA2. The keyboard has illumination in rainbow colour (6 colours to be precise) with 3 pre-set lighting effect, making it aesthetically appealing. Since the response time is outstanding, this gives you an edge in competitive games. Buy this for ₹1500.

Ant Esports Mk700 Gaming Keyboard


MK1000 has 87 blue switches with a mechanical keyboard, made with ABS and steel. This makes gaming performance better and claims to give an ultra-fast response. Like MK700, this comes with pre-defined 6 colours backlight but has 9 lighting effects, unlike 3 in the previous one. Some lighting effect modes are wave, breathing, colour cycling etc. You can save two additional custom backlighting setting and backlight mode can quickly be switched off by turning the brightness to the lowest. Also comes with easy access control keys. It is priced at ₹2150.

Ant Esports Mk1000 Gaming Keyboard

MK 3000

What makes MK3000 better than the above two is the 7 colour backlight. It also has an N-key rollover which allows multiple keys to work together at the same time without compromising on the high speed. This one too has the two additional settings for the backlight. It comes with better control keys which give quick commands and handy function keys. This is at ₹2350.

Ant Esports Mk 3000 Gaming Keyboard

Circle Squadron M ( Red switch and Blue switch)

This keyboard comes with two different colour switch type; one is kailh LH red switch, the other one is blue that is made from high-quality ABS. It has an RGB backlight mode with 87 anti-ghost keys and 8 multimedia keys; it also has suspended keycap design. The cord is braided and golden plated. Blue switch is priced at  ₹3100 and the red is for ₹2760.

Circle Squadron M Gaming Keyboard

Gamdias Ares 7 Colour Essential (Combo)

This one stands out in the list as it comes in a combo. The combo has a keyboard and a mouse exclusively designed for gaming. Let’s look at each one of them separately.

ARES 7 COLOUR Essential Keyboard

The name itself suggests that the backlight is 7 coloured and can be adjusted at three brightness levels. It has 19 key rollover and 11 multimedia keys that are newly sculpted, providing ease at executing your commands. The structure of the keyboard is four-layered, it is better than other traditional backlit keyboards which are three-layered. Buy this at ₹3499.

EREBOS LE Optical Gaming Mouse

It has a 3200 DPI optical gaming sensors with high-level upgraded tracking and accuracy. This too features 7 colour and has a 5 million click lifecycle. 

Together it adds that much-needed colour to your gaming life at the same time giving durability and class. 

Steelseries Apex 100

The keyboard claims to have quick tension membrane switches which are capable of giving the ultimate responsiveness and works as a mechanical keyboard.  It comes with vibrant blue backlighting and 24 anti-ghosting keys and the durability of 20 million clicks. It is also splash resistant. Steelseries says that this gaming keyboard is perfect for those first-time gamers. The most expensive in this budget list, at ₹4999.

There are plenty of gaming keyboard options at PCshop; it caters to everyone’s budget. If you wish to buy other gaming peripherals like gaming chair, mouse, headphones etc— it has all this and more. Check out what other gaming peripherals are essentials and can boost up your game.


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