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Below is the list for best gaming monitor under ₹20000. The list contains five options that are the best for this budget, and you can find all of them at one platform, which is

What makes a Gaming Monitor Best?

According to the usage, monitors are broadly divided into three categories: first is for the general use, second for the professional and third is using it for gaming.

The top considered specifications for monitors are high-contrast VA panel, colour accuracy, resolution, curved screen, fast refresh rates and low response time. Among all these, the last two are the most important for gaming.

Most of the buying guides on the web ask you to look for certain specifications. Those gaming monitor specifications that you must look for are:

Resolution, Adaptive sync, Refresh Rate, Panel Type (TN: Twisted Nematic or IPS: In-Plane Switching), Connectors (Display Port 1.4, HDMI 1.4/2.0, 5mm Audio Out). 

The list goes from low to high pricing :

LG 24MP59G

The brand LG boasts of its combination of 1 ms Motion Blur Reduction and IPS. The feature of motion blur reduction can be activated or deactivated as per your liking. As this feature keeps the backlight off, thus prevents the doubling of the frames. It helps in increasing the response time.

DAS Mode which is short for Dynamic Action Sync Mode. In a fast-paced game, it minimises the input lag, thus helping the gamer to attack the opponent without any delay.

Black Stabilizer is for those deep dark scenes. In the games, enemies will no longer be able to hide in the dark waiting to attack you. The Black stabiliser can automatically detect darker scenes and make it brighter for an ultimate gaming experience.

The last feature it boasts of is the AMD Free sync.  It eliminates any shuttering, tearing or frame loss. It acts as a bridge between the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphics card’s frame rate.

Lg 24Mp59G
Panel Size and Panel Type24 (widescreen 60.96cm) and IPS
Response Time  1 ms Motion Blur Image
Refresh Rate 75 Hz
ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080 
Power Consumption 17.1 W

The MRP of this product is ₹ 15,500. At PCshop you can get this at a discounted price of ₹ 10,460. Check LG24MP59G for further specifications.


BenQ claims to be adopted worldwide by e-sports players for tournaments. BenQ zowie is from the RL series, and this series promises to give the PS4 player an exceptional and fine-tuned e-sports experience.

Like the previous gaming monitor, this too has a feature that enables the player to find enemies when it is dark. This feature comes with a different term- Black eQualizer.  It only brightens the dark space without creating any difference to the already bright area.

The pro gamers have to sit for long durations that do strain their eyes. This gaming monitor comes with the Flicker-Free technology that help gamers to sit for prolonged hours.

Professional gaming needs a high level of concentration, and all the RL-series LCD frames are specifically made to reduce any light reflection from the screen. This feature sure helps the gamers to concentrate on their game solely.

Benq Zowie Rl2455S Gaming Monitor
Panel Size and Type24 and TN
Response Time1 ms (GtG)
Display Area531.36 x 298.89
Resolution1920 x 1080 (75 Hz, 60 Hz)
Power Consumption33 W

For more specifications, check BENQ ZOWIE RL2455S – that you can buy at ₹ 11,250.


The foremost eye-catching feature of ASUS VZ249H is its design. The Ultra-Slim built measures only 7mm that makes it ideal if you have a space crunch.

The Frameless Design is suitable if you are planning to do multiple setups of two or three monitors. With these monitors, multiple installations look seamless and the experience that you get out of it very immersive.  

This monitor too comes with the previously mentioned Flicker-free technology. Addition to this, ASUS has its Eye Care Technology certified by TÜV Rheinland. It protects the eyes by filtering out the harmful blue light to a great extent, making them the ultra-low blue light monitor.

 Panel Size and Type24 Full HD and IPS
Resolution1920 x 1080
Audio Features1.5W x 2 Stereo RMS
Screen Size23.8 inches
Power Consumption25 W
Asus Vz249H Gaming Monitor

In the list, this one primarily focuses on eye care and does not mention its response time and refresh rate. Still care for your eyes? Buy ASUS VZ249H at ₹ 12,050.


This monitor is the second BenQ RL-Series and also the first 27-inch monitor in the list. BENQ ZOWIE RL2755 claims to be suitable for PC games like PUBG, Tekken, Super Smash Bros etc. 

The monitor has Black eQualizer and is Flicker-Free. Addition to these features, the colour vibrancy of this monitor is adjustable so that you can have your prefered saturation level. The right saturation level is useful for a detailed and precise visual experience.

This RL-Series gaming monitor also controls the light reflection, which helps in focusing more on the game.

Gaming Monitor Benq Zowie Rl2755
Panel Size and Type27 and TN
Response Time1ms (GtG)
I/O PortsD-sub, DVI, HDMIx2, Headphone jack
Resolution1920 x 1080 (75Hz, 60Hz)
Power Consumption45 W

BENQ ZOWIE RL2755 is available on the store at ₹ 18,500.

LG 24GM79G

The last monitor in the list touches the limit of pricing, but with more price comes better quality and features. As compared to all the other gaming monitors in the list, LG 24GM79G gives the Highest Refresh Rate of 144 Hz. This specification makes it stand out of the list.

A minimum refresh rate of 60 Hz is said to be good enough, so 144 Hz is considered extreme.  With this, the visual fluidity and any fast-paced action become very smooth- a bonus for any pro gamer.

Other features include AMD Free Sync which as mentioned before, prevents shuttering and tearing. Dynamic Action Sync minimises the input lag and lets you fully immerse in that fast-paced action. 

Black Stabilizer is for those dark scenes, and there is an added feature called Gaming Mode in the picture mode. There is a different picture quality that is demanded by various gaming genres and Gaming mode allows it to be adjusted according to the particular genre.

Panel Size and Type24 and TN
Response Time1 ms Motion Blur Image, 2ms (high)
Refresh Rate144 Hz
ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080
Power Consumption19 W

LG 24GM79G comes at the price of precisely ₹ 20,000; otherwise the MRP is ₹ 23,800. The last one sure is worth buying. offers a wide range of products for all your gaming needs, and it does so by providing them at the most reasonable price possible and caters to every budget. If you have made up your mind on buying a gaming monitor and still want to explore your the option of buying a budget gaming keyboard—Then read this!

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