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Gaming laptops are a trend that got started a few years back, and to this date, it holds up. Mobile gaming is definitely the new craze in the market, but remember nothing can beat the original and classic gaming performed on PC and laptops. These days due to the abundance of choices in the market, it becomes quite hard to select the right gaming laptop in India for gaming needs.

You, as an individual, just can’t go for anything as the gaming laptops need to have the right technical specifications because then only you can enjoy to the fullest and get the most out of your gaming experience. To make your work easier, we present a list of best gaming laptops in. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading.

1. ROG Zephyrus M GU502 —

If you are looking for the best gaming laptop in India from a company which is specialized in the same thing, then you must go for the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502. It’s loaded up with extraordinary CPU and amazing GPU performance that you would ever find in an affordable gaming laptop in India. The latest and most advanced 9th gen Intel i7 processor is coupled up with a base speed of 2.6GHz, which is over-clockable up to 4.5GHz.

The 15.6 inches 144Hz/3ms IPS-level display is the perfect thing that you would need to get the best picture quality. The gaming laptop from Asus is quite lightweight as compared to most other similar ones. It just weighs somewhere around 1.93 kg. Not to forget about the fantastic keyboard which comes with the highlight key controls. There are a lot of customization options that you can set. It runs on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI, 512 GB SSD storage capacity, and 16GB RAM. These all specifications are just what you exactly need to get the best gaming and day to day laptop usage experience.

You are even free to expand it the most up to 32 GB for the most optimum experience. On a single charge, it can provide you 8 hours of extended battery life, which is more than enough for running your favourite games the whole day. This beast is equipped with five heat pipes snake just below the surface to ensure that most amount of heat is sucked out of all the elements: CPU, GPU, and circuit supplying power to these two. We tried playing a lot of high-end games, and there was hardly anyone moment when we faced any issue of overheating.

2. HP Gaming Pavilion 15 —

A gaming laptop under ₹90,000 may not excite you much, but trust us, it offers a lot more premium features than its price. It functions on the latest 9th Gen Intel i7 processor. It comes loaded with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB storage capacity, which is more than enough to give you decent performance and store hundreds to thousands of games. If the budget is something that doesn’t trouble you, then you can anytime purchase the extra RAM as it’s expandable up to 16 GB.

The acid green-lit keyboard just sounds to be excellent, and it indeed is, all thanks to the developers of this best gaming laptop in India. On a single charge, the laptop can work for an entire day, but if you plan to go for an intense gaming session, then it may last for almost 6-7 hours. When speaking in terms of design, it’s practically similar to what you would expect out of any other HP laptop. The laptop is indeed a little heavy in weight, which is not easy to carry around everywhere. The 15.6 inches Full HD display will give you the most precise picture quality to enjoy your games.

3. Acer Nitro 7 —

When Acer Nitro 5 was launched in the market, it was widely appreciated by both the critics and the audience. Seeing upon the success of its previous models, they decided to bang the doors again and join in league with Acer Nitro 5. This laptop is a little on the expensive side and mainly for the ones who don’t have any issues with their budget. It runs on Intel i5 9th Gen, which is definitely not the latest and advanced, but it’s enough to satisfy the hunger of gamers. The 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD just makes the experience more amazing. The RAM can be upgraded further for the best performance.

The laptop comes with a bright and crystal 15.6 inch full HD display, loaded up with the IPS technology. When it comes to the design, things look pretty decent. It’s 19.9 mm thick and weighs only 2.5 kg, making it quite durable. An excellent gaming session can easily last you for almost 7 hours. The Acer cooler boost technology with dual exhaust port and twin fans design is the perfect feature to keep your laptop cool all the time. So, forget about any kind of overheating.

Recommended Gaming Mouses To Pair With Your Gaming Laptop —

The gaming mouse is a lot of important peripheral these days as with a strong and powerful mouse; you can get the most out of your gaming experience. The market is filled up with a lot of affordable options, and that’s why we are here to suggest you two of the best gaming mouse in India, keeping in mind the above listed best gaming laptops in India.

1. Logitech Hero G502 Gaming Mouse —

A high-end mouse is a must to make the most out of your gaming, and the Logitech Hero G502 mouse is the most suitable choice in this regard. Many of the eSports players out there are a massive fan of this product, all thanks to its customizable CPI range, low click latency, and programmable buttons. The company gives you freedom to customise the weight as per your liking through the five removable weighs whereas in general, the mouse is actually a bit heavy.

The mouse suits perfect for the ones having palm grip or large hands. But, unfortunately, the ones having small hands may have little bit issues in using the mouse. The overall build quality of the mouse is also great and the materials used in the making seems to be premium. The cable used for the mouse is also pretty decent and should last for a long time. What we personally liked about this gaming mice was that it’s easily compatible even with macOS, whereas many similar ones are not.

This mouse comes with a great fit and caters easily to a broad audience. Even it’s a lot lighter, and that’s more of a trend for this year. In this budget point, you seriously can’t expect something out of this world, but whatever you are getting right from the excellent sensor to low price RGB, it’s just perfect for your laptop. The price point is justified, my friend!


Ant Esports has recently launched its beast, GM100 RGB, under the price category of under ₹1,500 budget. Compared to the premium features it’s offering, it’s a lot cheaper and affordable. Generally, at this price point, you can’t expect some excellent gaming mouse, but it looks like the developers proved our belief wrong.

This mouse comes with a great fit and caters easily to a broad audience. Even it’s a lot lighter, and that’s more of a trend for this year. In this budget point, you seriously can’t expect something out of this world, but whatever you are getting right from the excellent sensor to low price RGB, it’s just perfect for your laptop. The price point is justified, my friend!


The XPG INFAREX M20 GAMING Mouse is by none other than ADATA itself priced under Rs 2500 price point. The 5000 DPI sensor and right-handed design give the mouse a premium feel. It’s packed by RGB lightning support, which we feel would delight up a lot of gamers. The mouse isn’t quite bulky, as it just weighs somewhere around 160 grams. There is the scroll wheel with a total of 6 buttons, which we feel is more than enough to get you covered with most of the main tasks.

We tested the mouse by keeping in mind factors like grip, comfort, size, and performance, and the mouse could withstand most of the elements and deliver exceptional results. If you have got medium to large hand sizes, then this beast is a perfect gadget to be added up in your list. Overall, it’s definitely the right gaming mouse offering an excellent sensor and mid-size ergonomics at the price point of under ₹2500. The build quality of the gaming mouse is what we liked the most!

Final Words On Gaming Laptops —

We hope that you would have got an idea of the best gaming laptop in India 2020 through our article. We aimed to provide you with limited but the most efficient options, which are generally accepted and used by people across the globe. Equipping any of the mentioned gaming mice with your favourite gaming laptop is just going to make things a lot interesting and fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the gadgets right now!

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