Nvidia Gtc 2022

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GTC 2022

For everyone who requires a graphics processor for any purpose, the continuing GPU shortage has been frustrating. Gamers, computer scientists, researchers, and even crypto-miners have all grappled with the scarcity of discrete GPUs available for purchase. Because of the scarcity, many individuals are forced to rely on older graphics cards.

At the recent GTC 2022 from March 21 – 24, 2022, NVIDIA unveiled the next-generation NVIDIA Hopper architecture, including the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU. NVIDIA is said to be using NVIDIA Hopper exclusively for high-performance computing (HPC) products, with gaming GPUs based on a distinct Ada Lovelace architecture.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang gave a keynote speech full of announcements to kick off the company’s Graphics Technology Conference (GTC). Nvidia’s first-ever discrete CPU, Grace, as well as its next-generation Hopper architecture, which will debut later in 2022, are among the highlights.

Hopper will be manufactured using the TSMC N4 process, and NVIDIA is said to be aiming for efficiency. The 4080, conversely, will be manufactured using TSMC’s N5 process, rather than the smaller, more efficient technology used by Hopper. Interestingly, it seems NVIDIA will use TSMC’s N5 process for its RTX 4080 rather than its smaller and more efficient Hopper GPU process.

Nvidia Hopper

NVIDIA also showcased the Grace Superchip in addition to the next-generation Hopper architecture. The Grace Superchip, unlike the M1 Ultra, isn’t designed for everyday use. The 144-core GPU is designed for AI, data science, and memory-intensive applications. ARM cores are still used in the CPU, despite NVIDIA’s failed $40 billion deal to buy the company. NVIDIA and IBM have collaborated to improve memory bandwidth and throughput by directly connecting SSD to the GPU. It was assumed to be a far-fetched piece of technology, but GTC suggests it could appear sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the Ada Lovelace offerings at the higher end (and consequently with better margins) are likely to be large, powerful, and power-hungry. However, the RTX 4080 remains a big unknown. We have leaks about performance and efficiency, as well as hints from Hopper, but we won’t know everything until the card is released.

It’s currently rumoured to be released this fall, though NVIDIA hasn’t confirmed this.

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