“Liliput” Pre built Gaming PC Under 30K 1


Lately the demand raised for Pre-builds, PCshop.in launched their “Liliput” the pre-built gaming PC that focuses on getting as much Price : Performance ratio as possible.

  • So we took a dive to research what the budget gamers expect at the price point under 30K.
    After consultation we figured the best that you can get – and launched “Liliput

The Build features-

The latest AMD Ryzen 3 3200G4 Quad core APU with 4C/4T & its boost clock being 4GHz which makes a super choice for budget gamers who are limited on budget constraints.

Adata XPG Gammix D30 16GB – 8×2 3000MHz As we all know due to the Infinity fabric the faster the RAM frequency the better Ryzen processors performs. Here 3000MHz gets the job done – and as the PC is using 8GB x 2 sticks of RAM ( Total of 16GB), It takes full benefit and uses full bandwidth as it’ll be running on dual channel mode.

MSI A320M Pro VH – Plus –  One of the best motherboards based on A320M Chipset with good VRM – VRM Cooling – BIOS & Out of the box AMD Ryzen 3rd gen support.

Adata SU650 120GB As far as speeds and efficiency goes surely an SSD is necessary in almost every build now – So the SSD is set as Boot Drive minimizing boot latency and makes the PC run faster.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD The Seagate Barracuda is the of the most trusted HDD for years as it’s the least one with runtime failure – making sure your data stays safe and secure.

Antec BP450P Power is surely the main factor when it comes to component lifespan as it is very necessary for the components to get continuous and pure power without voltage fluctuations that might damage the components like motherboard, cpu, ram etc.   80+ Bronze certified PSU  with table replacement means hassle free replacement and commitment to quality.

Antec NX300Looks matter and Airflow too. The Antec NX300 is a showstealer with ARGB lighting on the font and an 120MM ARGB Fan set as rear fan that comes pre-installed. Well Ventilated case design with smooth finish and mesh making sure there is less dust intake.


Elevated base to give it a bit more airflow for the PSU to take in fresh air.

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