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Thermal paste is a must-have for gamers and overclockers, offering a number of benefits to keep your laptop or PC running at its peak performance. Primarily used as a heatsink and conductive agent, thermal paste is applied to the CPU and GPU to help transfer heat away from these crucial parts. This insulates them and prevents them from getting too hot, which can cause damage and reduce performance. Thermal paste is also used to help improve the contact between the CPU and heatsink, creating a better thermal connection and allowing the CPU to run faster. 

Although you may not spend all day overclocking your CPU, a thermal paste can still significantly improve your computer’s performance and prevent it from freezing or crashing. Applied correctly, it will enable your CPU and graphics card to run at their peak efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of your PC. If you have ever noticed your graphics card running hot even in low-load scenarios, or if you have to run your graphics card at a very high clock speed in order to play games, then thermal paste could be the answer you’re looking for.

What Is A Thermal Paste and How Does it Work?

There is a silvery-grey compound that you apply to the processor before you install a cooling solution. It allows for efficient heat transfer from the integrated heat sink to the base plate or water block of the CPU cooler, which is designed to dissipate that heat. This prevents the heatsink and fan from directly touching your CPU, which can improve your computer’s overall performance by allowing the heatsink to perform more efficiently. 

Thermal paste fills in those tiny imperfections on the CPU cooler and IHS of the CPU that may not seem to exist to the naked eye. This allows for better heat transfer between the two metal surfaces.

Thermal Paste Compound

Why You Should Buy A Thermal Paste?

Thermal paste plays an important role in processor performance as it allows your processor to effectively transfer its waste heat to your cooler, keeping your processor cool. It is also important to choose the best thermal paste if you plan on overclocking your rig. 

In most cases, coolers come with thermal compound pre-applied, but if PC enthusiasts wish to achieve optimal temperatures at stock speeds, it’s best to purchase and apply new paste when installing their CPU. Because the thermal compound that comes with coolers is often rather poor or old since it has sat on a shelf for months before being purchased.

Modern CPUs perform a large number of operations per second, generating a lot of heat as a result. In order for a CPU to perform at its best, it must be properly cooled, usually using a cooling apparatus designed specifically for this purpose. This is where thermal paste becomes essential.

Thermal Paste Applied

How to Apply The Thermal Paste?

There is a little difference between each brand of thermal paste and CPU cooler, so knowing your particulars before you begin will make the process go more smoothly. You should start by cleaning both the cooler and CPU surfaces. If you are installing a new CPU or cooling fan, your components should be sparkling clean, but they may need some cleaning if you are replacing the paste.

Thermal Paste Wipe Cloth
  1. This is one of the most common methods used. Simply apply a thin line of thermal paste directly down the centre of the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) and then allow the pressure of the CPU cooler to spread it out.
  2. Place a small dot of thermal paste in the centre of the CPU. You only need a small circle a few millimetres in diameter but don’t go overboard, or performance will be compromised. The size should be no bigger than a grain of rice.
How To Apply Thermal Paste

It’s important to note that the thermal paste you need for larger processors, including Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs or AMD’s Threadripper chips, will be more than one dot of paste.

Final Words —

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