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It does not matter if you’re a casual gamer or a pro – your performance in games depends on the hardware you have. For example, even advanced gamers sometimes install graphics cards incorrectly. Choosing the right GPU mounting and design is crucial for building a gaming computer as it is not only visually appealing but also allows the system to run at its peak.

In order to make your build as efficient as possible, you will need to mount your graphics card in a manner that allows you to use as much of the space as possible. Depending on your preference, you can decide to mount your GPU either horizontally or vertically. Both positions have their own benefits. But the question remains, what exactly is the difference between a horizontal and vertical GPU mount? Let’s take a look at why it matters and which option you should pick.

GPU Mounting: Doing It Vertically!

Graphics cards that are vertically mounted tend to be more aesthetically pleasing since they display their fans as well as their front sides. You are able to showcase the graphics card in full glory as long as you have a clear side panel. This is because the front of the graphics card faces outwards, not downwards.

Gpu Mounting Vertical

Pros of Vertical GPU Mounting

  • The vertical GPU mounting option is ideal for showing off RGB-lit graphics cards. In that case, the vertical GPU mounting option becomes very useful; because RGB lighting comes with most GPUs, it will also provide a flashier gaming setup.
  • By doing so, you will avoid GPU sagging, which can cause damage to the GPU and motherboard. It can also damage the PCIe slot if the weight is excessive and the soldered joints can’t support it.
  • For people who build custom PCs, the vertical GPU mount is beneficial. Its structure provides the best fit for custom builds, especially water-cooled ones.

Cons of Vertical GPU Mounting

  • In most cases, vertical mounting causes problems due to the fact that the GPU is unable to receive enough airflow due to the airflow intake being too close to the side panel.
  • It is not possible to mount a GPU vertically in every case; some can be modified to accommodate it, while others are simply incompatible.
  • When you mount a GPU vertically, you won’t be able to use the remaining PCIe slot.

GPU Mounting: Doing It Horizontally!

Installing your GPU horizontally is the most common practice. With this method, the GPU is mounted horizontally, so the front of the unit faces down toward the bottom of the case. Generally, horizontally mounted graphics cards show a plain backplate on top, with the fan-adorned front facing downward. It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing method, but it works, and it is tried and tested.

Gpu Mounting Horizontal

Pros of Horizontal GPU Mounting

  • Horizontal mounting allows for better airflow and lower temperatures since components are not blocked by the graphics card, which is mounted up against the glass panel.
  • Horizontal GPU mounting generally offers better airflow, which leads to better performance, even when overclocked. Horizontal GPUs also typically last longer than vertically mounted GPUs.
  • Horizontally mounted GPUs do not need a vertical mounting cable in comparison to vertically mounted GPUs. It is both simple and quite practical.

Cons of Horizontal GPU Mounting

  • GPU sagging is caused by the weight of the card and lack of support, which causes your graphics card to slump when installed horizontally.
  • With horizontal mounting, you cannot enjoy the beautiful RGB effects that come with modern GPUs.

Final Words —

Both vertical and horizontal GPU mounting have their advantages and disadvantages. It is a matter of preference and directionality, but both have their advantages. 

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